An Insider's Guide to North San Diego County's Coastal Real Estate
Jim Klinge, broker-associate
617 Saxony Place, Suite 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
Klinge Realty
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Jim Klinge
Cell/Text: (858) 997-3801
701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92011


  1. Jim,

    It was 20 years ago we met you hosting your open house on 3421 Donna Dr. I realized that day we had met a special man gifted with a natural talent in sales. Although unable to secure your open house listing, it was just months later you engineered another Donna Dr deal and were able to make us new Carlsbad residents. What a joy to flee the heat of El Cajon to the cooler temps of coastal Carlsbad.

    I have watched you excel in your profession for over two decades. This success is not merely by chance but by a strategy of conducting your business with character and professionalism. Above all you possess the quality of a keen listener, ability to ask succinct questions and thus match your clients with the home of their dreams.

    What you did for us many years ago was not just sell us a house but a happy lifestyle too. There is only one Realtor in San Diego County I have recommended for the past 20 years. Congratulations Jim the Realtor, you are that man.


  2. I had been reading for years. By checking out his blog and seeing Jim on the videos I thought I knew a lot about him before I ever met him.

    My wife wanted a bigger house. You might have heard – happy wife, happy life. So, before I knew it, we were searching the Internet and driving around the Del Mar area.

    We wanted to know the market before we started looking seriously.

    We interviewed a boatload of realtors. Jim was the most knowledgeable by far. But knowledge doesn’t equal integrity.

    We went with Jim. Jim showed trustworthiness at every turn.

    As you might have noticed, it is a sellers market right now in North County Coastal San Diego.

    But, we made low offers on a few houses. We were looking for a deal.

    Here is a real treat. A realtor that places your interests before his own.

    In fact, Jim recommended we go for a house that was a million dollars less than the highest priced house we made an offer on. Didn’t phase Jim the least.

    We ended up buying the house that Jim thought was the best value for the money. (And we saved a ton of money by not being “sold” on much more expensive homes).

    At every step Jim gave us viewpoints and angles that were fresh and right on point.

    We got a great deal. Jim helped us every step of the way, including after we bought the house.

    I recommend Jim based on his service, honesty, judgment and experience.

    What you see on his videos is what you get. Only more. Good old fashioned unsweetened unvarnished truth. Just the way that I want it.

  3. Most people now think – Who even needs a Realtor? With all the internet sites now available, it’s easy to find listings and get market pricing. I’m good at finding things on the ‘net, and the last thing I need is someone sending me listings and rushing me to make a purchase. I can do it all myself.”

    I used to agree with this view, before I met and started working with Jim Klinge. Jim has sold 2 houses for me, and helped me buy a third over a period of 10 years. I recommend him 100%, and have referred him to a number of friends and family.

    You’re going to be paying the same commission to any Realtor you work with, so the best thing you can do is get the very best Realtor in the market to help you. In north San Diego County, Jim Klinge is that guy.

    If you are buying, here’s what Jim and his team bring to the table – honesty, expertise in the north San Diego market, expertise in negotiation. If you fall in love with a house, he’ll make sure you get it. And he won’t try to talk you into something you don’t like, or encourage you to overpay. He’ll make sure you have quality inspectors check things out, so you won’t buy a lemon.

    Once you’ve purchased, Jim knows the people who can help you make your new home the way you want it to be. I’ve personally used his referrals for contractors, painters, flooring, and plumbing, and have been 100% satisfied. His relationships with these companies and contractors have existed for decades, so you can be sure that the people doing the work are going to make sure you are satisfied. (Pricing was discounted as well, but the key thing is the reliability and quality of the work)

    If you are selling, here’s what you’ll get – expert pricing, top quality staging, digital marketing and referrals, contract negotiation, and most importantly, someone in house (his wife Donna) who makes sure all the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed. Jim has sold two of my houses, and in both cases, went above and beyond to make sure nothing funky happened at the end of the deal. As a seller, it’s a hell of a long time from an accepted offer to the close of escrow, and the process can be trying. Donna makes sure everything is in order, and the deal closes on time. Not only do you get the outcome you want (sold house for a fair price), but the experience itself is as good as can be expected. Selling your home is stressful, and you want someone there you can trust to help you thru it. I’ve twice opted to work with Jim, and if I choose to sell again, I wouldn’t think of working with anyone else.

  4. Jim educated us, helped us find the perfect house, and then negotiated us a great deal in Carmel Valley. I would hate to be sitting across the negotiating table from him. He has a ton of knowledge about housing, houses, and the housing market and he readily shares it all. Thanks Jim.

  5. I was honestly unprepared for what a real estate rock star Jim Klinge is– the L.A. Times called this guy “The Hunter S. Thompson of Real Estate” which, for someone who writes for a living (i.e. me), is pretty much the best compliment ever.

    Jim’s hook is honesty– painful, brutal honesty at times– about homes on the market. The man doesn’t ‘grease the skids’ so to speak by talking up the finer points of a home while ignoring, say, giant nests of bees or drywall secretly made of saltine crackers.

    In fact, Jim tells home buyers all the negatives up front; some might consider this crazy, but how refreshing to have a realtor say “the worst part about this home is…” and know that he means it? You know exactly what you’re getting into and that your realtor is trustworthy.

    Jim has built this ethos into a thriving company– Klinge Enterprises– and founded this blog,, a respected (and equally honest) real estate blogging and news site.

    His passion beyond selling homes is exposing the greed and short-sightedness which caused the housing crisis in the first place; Jim wants to eliminate realtor shadiness and increase public awareness so that once the housing market rights itself, it will never again take such a steep and sudden nose dive.

    Jim has been interviewed by dozens of tv, radio, print, and online shows, and predictably scored astronomically high customer service marks. Though some of his peers are probably miffed that Jim has exposed their more unsavory tactics, you would be hard pressed to find a more trusted and respected agent.

    I may never buy a home, and certainly not in Southern California, but if I ever do I will absolutely check Jim’s listings before anyone else’s.

  6. Jim and Donna,

    We couldn’t have asked for a better home buying experience than we had with you both! In a market that can be volatile and a bit scary you were a calming influence. It cannot be overstated how much your experience played in to us getting the house we needed for our family. Your professionalism and knowledge gave us great calm to just leave it all in your hands. Thank you for taking care of EVERY little detail and not letting one thing slip through the cracks. Smooth sailing with you guys. Thank you! We truly are so grateful.

  7. Hiring Jim was the best decision financially we ever made in our life!

    Moving from the Chicago area to San Diego initially seemed like a large weight had been placed on our shoulders, yet after hiring Jim to assist us with finding a home it was all smooth sailing from there on out. If you have ever purchased or sold a home with another realtor in the past then be prepared to be blown away at how different Jim is, he is not the typical realtor looking for an easy payday all while putting in the least amount of effort/time. We never would have purchased our new home had it not been for Jim!

    From the initial start of construction on our home I would say Jim roughly documented about 30 videos of the construction phase from start to finish. This allowed us to identify things along the process that we wanted changed/added to the current state of the home while being built. I flew in to pick out items for the house pre construction while meeting with the builders designer and guess what, Jim came with me and spent hours of his time assisting me since I was not 100% up to speed on the current style of items within southern California homes and was used to midwest style homes. Then came the appointment with the designer of builder at the granite yard to pick out which granite slab we wanted to go with, I did not want to fly from Chicago to San Diego just simply to pick out which granite slab we wanted to go with as the flight alone was quite costly, so Jim volunteers to drive 2 hours each way to go for us and film and take pictures while there and we pick out the slab we want as if we were right there picking it out ourselves! I could go on and on about all the things he assisted us with along the way to purchasing our home…

    Jim is one of the hardest working guys I know and he has no problem going to bat for you even without you having to ask, he is always in your corner doing what is best for you and you would have a very hard time finding any other realtor more knowledgeable than himself.

    I wouldn’t even refer to Jim anymore as just my realtor, I would refer to him as a close friend!

  8. I’ll let you in on a secret:

    There is but one Realtor in SD county: His name is JIM. The rest of them are in the game because JIM has only so much time.

    Jim has recently been instrumental in securing our new home in La Jolla. Although, in theory out of his area of primary interest – Jim not only took us in, but was able to handle and meet our our requirements way better than the majority of “realtors” who “specialize” in that area of town. He helped us stay away from the homes that to an inexperienced eye looked appealing, and we surely took advantage of his expertise in assessing the quality and value of each and every home we had seen.

    The first offer we gave was accepted. Jim’s team, led by his wife – Donna took exceptional care of us during the closing process: super diligent and efficient – in a way we did not think was possible. We’re beyond satisfied.

    Finally, a word of warning: Jim is all business . If you’re looking for an agent that’s funny all the time and you want to socialize with – that ain’t Jim. Jim is serious and completely focused on his job. However, he will surprise you by cracking jokes here and there – when the time is right. And Jim’s timing – about everything – in our experience, was just PERFECT.

    Nick A., La Jolla, CA

  9. Our family used Jim’s services about six months ago to purchase our first home. North County coastal was our market of interest and I was a regular reader of

    We chose Jim after visiting a couple of properties together and appreciated his straight forward style. It was more than two years from the first time we met Jim to the time we bought our house. There was a period in between that we decided to take a breather; Jim was accommodating and we never felt pressure.

    Jim and his team handled difficulties well. The wife and I had different tastes, I’m into the older beach style home and she’s into the modern tract style home. Jim and Richard took time to show us a variety of homes and locations, all of which added value to our decision making process. Jim let us know when he felt there was a good opportunity and gave us solid advice.

    Jim also represented both sides of the transaction. This was a delicate situation: a unique older property with repair and zoning issues, a strongly attached seller, and us being interested buyers but with our own conditions. Whether it was the characteristics of the neighborhood/house or disposition of the sellers, we were always presented with the facts. Jim also gave us great references for inspectors, loan specialists, and other relevant professionals.

    Jim handled the delicacies of the transaction with great care. I especially appreciate the time that Jim put in that was not seen or obvious. Result: hubby has his mid-century classic and is in the midst of renovating it to wifey’s modern looks and spec.

    Throughout all we are greatly satisfied with the service of Klinge Realty.

  10. Jim, Richard and Donna were great throughout the process us selling and purchasing a new home. They marketed the house well so we had multiple offers on the house and all were patient as we spent many weekends looking at houses throughout North County. The advice about the sale, perspective houses, and the different areas were invaluable. There were many things I never would have noticed on the first visit that they pointed out. Jim and team really helped in negotiating a fair deal on both ends and both the sale and purchase closed on time which seems rare these days. One reason that everything closed on time is Donna. She followed through with us, lenders, and all the other parties involved to get through the reams of paperwork, but she also made sure we understood it all too. If there was ever a question I had someone at Klinge realty would respond promptly with the answer. We felt completely informed every step of the way. I would certainly recommend Richard and Klinge Realty to friends and family and would use them again if we ever decide to move again. Thanks!

  11. I don’t usually take the time to write testimonials but I felt I had to make the time since I was truly amazed by Jim Klinge and his team. This may sound like an unbelievably positive review… but it’s all true… and I am not an easy person to impress.

    In this market… I know there are many realtors to choose from in San Diego. But there are very few true “SUPERSTAR” realtors! If you want only the VERY BEST to buy or sell your home then don’t bother looking anywhere else. “Jim the realtor” is a highly skilled negotiator, honest, wise, confident, very funny, knows the market and his business like no one else! He can close the deal like a pro and protect his client’s interests every step of the way. He thinks fast on his feet and he showed us that he does not shy away from challenging negotiations or situations. I can’t stress enough how important it was for us to have Jim Klinge representing our interests! We truly felt that he was there for us every step of the way in the negotiations. Jim’s skills, clever technique and commitment to get the best deal for us was truly impressive. Any and all the advice Jim gave us along the way was spot on! Every contact he referred to us was wonderful… from inspector to contractors. Since he is the best… I guess he only works with the best! We were blown away by our experience with Jim Klinge!

    I also have to mention that although Jim takes the cake… Donna Klinge and her team are truly the icing on that cake. Not only did we get a superstar realtor but we got an AMAZING team to back him up and make sure our deal didn’t stumble and fall apart along the way. Real estate transaction paperwork is confusing, lengthy and…. absolutely essential to close the deal. Any real estate paperwork errors can cost you time, money or even…. your dream house!! Donna not only organized it all for us… she even anticipated our needs and guided us through the intimidating paperwork process like a true pro! We loved the advanced technology she used with the DocuSign program. It made life sooooo much easier for our busy family. If you have never heard of DocuSign… then you have been missing out! Donna was always ahead of the game and on top of every detail… I don’t know how she did it! She has truly fabulous project management skills!!!

    Jim, Donna and the Klinge team made the impossible happen by finding and securing the perfect house for us just in time for the birth of our son. That is why Jim Klinge and Donna’s team are the only realty company we will ever use. Period.

  12. We just picked up the keys to our new home last week, thanks to “Jim the Realtor” and the Klinge team. We’d heard horror stories from our friends and family when we told them we were going to buy a house. But, we couldn’t have hoped for a more professional and efficient home buying experience, due to the extensive experience and hard work of Klinge Realty. Jim and Rich met us the first day of house hunting and showed us several homes, none of which met our somewhat demanding requirements. Jim wasn’t deterred, as he diligently showed us, what must have been dozens more homes, until we found one with which we were satisfied. During the two months we were house hunting, Jim imparted upon us some of his encyclopedic knowledge of the North County Coastal area, and Real Estate in general, as he gave us his honest opinion of each and every property … along with a little of his delightfully wry sense of humor. Jim jealously guarded our interests during the negotiation and inspection phases, as the back office (Donna and Anna) smoothly guided us through the home buying bureaucracy. They employed advanced tools, like Docusign, to ensure that each step was as simple as possible for us. They even introduced us to their select list of contacts. We ended up using their Mortgage and insurance brokers, and Home Inspector. All were also eminent professionals, who provided us with excellent service and products at highly competitive prices. Now, we’re even working with Jim’s recommended contractor to make a few changes to the house. This must sound like an unrealistically glowing review, I probably wouldn’t believe it if someone else had written it, but Klinge Realty is really this good. Anyone would be lucky to have the Klinge team represent them. If we buy or sell again, they’ll be the first people we’ll contact.

  13. “Jim is an awesome realtor. I don’t think you really get an idea of how good he is at his job until you get a chance to work with him. Sure you see that he is on the ball when you read his blog, but you don’t really get it until you witness all the things he does for you as an agent.

    He fixes problems before you know there are problems to fix. Things get done without asking. Clearly he knows the local market and the nuances.

    But I didn’t know about his support staff. His wife who works behind the scenes is diligent, professional and just as nice as Jim. Jim also has other solid support staff and a large network of resources outside his office including backup mortgage brokers. He knows who to go to and who to avoid. He and his team guided me… No directed me through the field of field of landmines out there.

    His signature video option is just the icing on the cake. Even if/when other realtors catch on to the video technology, I don’t think they will come close. Other agents will still need to deliver with expertise, honesty and tenacity for it to work.

    As you probably already know, these are not easy traits to come by and they are apparently intrinsic to Jim. Why would you work with any other realtor?”

  14. I just purchased a house with Jim and Donna’s help and wanted to throw my two cents in about my experience.

    Jim has a reputation from his blog of being a straight shooter that tells it like he sees it. I absolutely found this to be true while working with him as a client. I really felt that he gave his honest assessment at all times about the properties, sellers, and the areas that we were looking at. I definitely did not get the cheerleader treatment that some realtors use during this downturn, when they are looking to get a sale, any sale, done as fast as possible.

    Jim also brought a lot of insight into the nuances of the search – for example, in analyzing the actions and intentions of the listing agents and sellers that we encountered. His experience level really showed, and it was extremely helpful.

    Once we had a deal going, Jim’s wife Donna managed the process. She performed flawlessly, keeping me up to date on escrow, handling communications with third parties, and not missing a single detail. Very professional, and at the same time a really nice person. Now I know how Jim has the time to do all these videos! 🙂

    I highly recommend Jim, Donna, and the team at Klinge Realty and will use them again without hesitation. They are honest, knowledgeable, and very effective.

  15. We recently used Jim as a buyer’s agent, and for those that want to know what it’s like to have him as your agent, you can look at his post dated Oct 20, 2009, “Hiring JtR” – that’s pretty much how it went.

    We looked for about 2-3 months, meeting him at houses of interest, and never once was there any pressure to buy quickly – instead, you hear him think out loud, just like in his many videos, with honest and straightforward opinions that are clearly free of any rose-colored-glasses bias.

    Finally, when we found our house, the negotiations went smoothly. After the offer was accepted, his wife Donna and he were in continuous contact with us, keeping us updated as to the issues that come up during escrow. They responded very quickly to any inquiries, either by phone or email.

    Just to give you all an idea of the lengths he will go to keep you satisfied:
    1) When we submitted our offer, there was an plasma TV attached on one of the walls in the house – Jim even took video of it as proof that it was a “fixture.” However, in the middle of escrow, the sellers went ahead and took it. Instead of getting into a big legal battle, Jim, umprompted by me, used his connections with the seller’s agent to negotiate an amount for me to buy a new replacement TV, and covered it. In Jim’s words: “You bought a house with a TV in it, and that’s what you’re going to get.” Talk about service!
    2) When the termite inspection came back “incomplete”, Jim took it upon himself to “complete” the inspection by reaching into his car, pulling out his tool(s) and, in front of me, manually mashing on the siding that was covered by some shrubs, that the initial inspector had neglected to do.

    There are a lot of other things he and Donna did (including the awesome customized housewarming gift basket) that were clearly above and beyond the call of duty – the above two are just a few of the examples.

    In short, I’ll have no problem referring Jim and Donna to anyone that needs any real estate services in the Carlsbad area. Thanks Jim and Donna!

  16. I moved to Encinitas (from Chicago) about a year ago and rented a house. The market seemed peculiar and buying struck me as a bad idea.
    Over the year, I spent many a happy hour reading Jim’s insightful and witty blog posts. "Here’s a guy that knows the market," I thought to myself, "Here’s a guy I want to buy a house with."

    By the time our lease was up for renewal, I was feeling a little better about the market and shot Jim an email. I am tremendously happy that I did.

    Jim showed us around homes and was incredibly honest with us. He knew the areas we were looking at, had in-depth information about the houses we were looking at and his expert commentary made the tough decisions much easier.

    We ended up buying what is, in my opinion, the perfect little house for our family. Jim got us a great deal and made the whole purchase process a breeze.

    Jim’s blog made it feel like I knew him from the moment I met him but working with Jim has made him feel like a friend.

    I would happily recommend Jim to anyone looking for a friendly expert that really knows how to make himself valuable to a home buyer.

  17. We worked with Jim through the Winter of 06 and into Spring of 07. For those considering selling or buying real estate, we strongly and enthusiastically recommend him.

    He’s careful, comprehensive, and offers facts about homes, neighborhoods and market trends. Jim helped us to sell our home in San Marcos and buy our new home in Encinitas. He was outstanding in both transactions. He was knowledgeable, thorough and patient. When we first found him we told him we were in no hurry and would mostly likely wait awhile to sell our house and buy another. Over the course of several months, he continued to be available to show us listings at a moment’s notice, while never pressuring us to sell or buy.

    In fact, he talked us out of several houses that we were initially interested in because he didn’t believe they were the right house for us (and he was right!), all the while knowing that we probably wouldn’t list our house until we found another house to buy.

    Most realtors would have jumped at our initial enthusiasm for any house, being that they wouldn’t make any commission on either end of the deal until we found something. But Jim was genuinely concerned about us buying the right house, no matter how long that took.

    When we made up our mind he fought like a tiger on our behalf and got the job done, going very far above the call of duty, and continuing to impress us with his customer service even after escrows closed.

    Jim also represents something new — an agent who combines the market savvy and hard work of the traditional realtor with the ability to leverage the information available on the Web. In an age when anyone can look on Zillow or and find three hundred listings that meet their search criteria, Jim provides competitive advantage by seeing the trends and patterns behind the individual listings. This is where his blog and youtube tours fit in — he’s really staking out a new way to serve as an effective agent for his clients. At many times while working with Jim we were literally amazed at the information he could find quickly and efficiently.

    If the future of business looks more and more like the Web then the future Realtor looks a lot like Jim Klinge.

  18. We have bought two homes with Jim Klinge and it should have been three. We got on the list for a new home and once we won the lottery we were forced to use the builders realty company. The entire experience was awful and I ended up calling "Jim the Realtor" to ask him questions and make sure the bad realtor was doing things correctly. Jim was great and answered all our questions and helped us a lot. He really did make the third sell without a commission check in the end. That is a sign of a great realtor. I plan to stay here a while but when we move again it’s "Jim the Realtor" for the job.

  19. I highly recommend Jim Klinge! I know many real estate agents from being in the business a few years ago and there is only one I will ever work with. Jim Klinge is simply the best Realtor I have ever known. He has the two important qualities that so many agents lack–honesty and integrity.

    In the past year, I sold two homes and purchased another one with Jim’s help. He knows the market inside-out and tells the truth (even when a seller might not want to hear it). Thanks to his competence, professionalism, kindness, and wonderful help, both houses sold very quickly! He was there every step of the way–going out of his way to assist me in the chaos and stress of a short

    There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation to Jim! What a sweetheart he is! I will never forget his kindness in helping to protect my dogs from the coyotes. On a hot miserable summer afternoon, I collapsed on the lawn from the heat–there was Jim working working working to put up a fence to save my beloved pups.

    And that is just one small example of Jim. I could go on and on…

    Thank You, Jim, I love my beautiful new home.

  20. I went to an open house while passing by a home that was for sale.It was in the early 90’s at the bottom of the real estate market. I went in, and Jim asked me if "I wanted to buy a house today"? I told him "NO", I was shopping for a "REALTOR"!!!!! That was a beginning of a long term relationship with Jim. We’ve worked together from Bonsall,Fallbrook,Oceanside,Carlsbad,Long Beach,Hawaii and even in South Florida. Going out on a limb even when it isn’t in his own area. We now reside in Florida and can’t find another "JIM". HE IS THE BEST!!!!! Thank you Jim. We’re spoiled for life!!!!!!!!

  21. In 1998 we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and were interested in buying a second home near the beach in Carlsbad. We got Jim’s name as a referral from the Carlsbad Chamber.

    Jim spent much of the Christmas holiday season showing us all kinds of possibilities within our price range. He even spent Christmas Eve Day with us when he could have been home with his beautiful wife and daughters.

    Finally, after a few trips down here and many phone calls, Jim helped us purchase our beautiful beach condo. We recall him saying that beach property will always hold its value. Since 1998, our property has tripled in price, not that we are planning on selling anytime soon.

    A few years ago we decided to give up our home in the Bay Area and move here permanently. So once again we enlisted Jim’s help to find a home in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the beach. Jim took us to see a lovely home in Fallbrook. Since we were originally from the mid-west, the small town in the foothills was just what we wanted.

    The market was very competitive, however Jim’s expertise and skills made our offer look the best so we got the house.

    Our story has demonstrated Jim’s expertise. Added value comes in how he makes us feel part of his family. The relationship wasn’t over when the sale was complete. Simply put, Jim’s the BEST!

  22. An investor friend of mine told me that I had to meet Jim Klinge, and work with him to get home inspection referrrals for his buyers. I did, and am the better for it. He is honest and shoots straight, and doesn’t get emotional about the many hurdles of a real estate transaction. My inspection style is quite thorough which turns off many realtors who are woried about the discovery of any potentially deal-breaking defects of a house. Jim takes in stride and rolls up his sleeves to get things done and keep everyone in perspective.
    I think his stance on the current market is right on – someone has to call out the emperor as having no clothes.

  23. We worked with Jim "The Realtor" to sell two homes and buy another while we lived in North County San Diego.

    Jim is a consummate professional and truly takes customer service to a level I have not experienced with any other agent.

    When we were getting our Carlsbad house ready to sell, he hired a great "can do it all" handyman to do all of those spruce up and minor repair projects that we all seem to put off until we decide to sell our houses!

    And we absolutely will never forget Jim pulling up to our house on a rainy Carlsbad day with his Cadillac full laborers for some last minute landscaping!

    We often joke with Jim about the average time on market for our two sales transactions. The first one sold before it was listed! The second took two days but our house was still being remodeled!

    We now live in Arizona (too bad Jim doesn’t have his Arizona license) but are using him to find us a rental property in North County.

    Gary and Cindy Acord

  24. My wife’s family and I chose Jim as our realtor to sell my father-in-law’s property in Oceanside CA. We were only willing to sell to a developer due to the amount of acreage for sale. We could not have done it without Jim’s expertise and help. Jim worked tirelesly in finding us the right developer with the right price. We had a long escrow (1 year) of our own choosing and Jim stuck with us the whole time. He never failed to answer our calls and would come to our house anytime we asked if necessary. I told Jim when escrow closed that if I ever planned to sell my house or knew someone planning to sell or buy a home I would be sure to contact him.
    Chris Stone

  25. Three years ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted to move back to North County, our home, after an absence of 15+ years. Needless to say, we were not familiar with the current real estate market. Jim came to us highly recommended and exceeded our expectations. He spent a great deal of time educating us on current market conditions, what each community had to offer, and listening to our needs. He exposed us to many different housing options and neighborhoods to help guide our decision. When we finally found the house of our dreams, Jim navigated us through a multiple bid situation, and knew what it took for us to "win" the house. It was a wonderful, easy experience for us, and we are very thankful for Jim’s expertise. The next time we are thinking of buying or selling, we won’t hesitate to call on Jim.

  26. After buying my first home with a complete bozo of a realtor, I was very discouraged. When it came time to sell, I did my homework, and interviewed several realtors. Jim was far and away the best. I decided to go with him. I couldn’t have been happier with his professionalism, knowledge, and skill at negotiations. I have no hesitations whatsoever recommending Jim, and will definitely work with him again in the future.

    As Jim himself will no doubt agree, the hot market has brought an enormous number of low skilled realtors into the field. Anyone looking to sell in this market would be foolish to go with a realtor other than Jim Klinge. When it comes to negotiations, Jim will eat them alive.

  27. We have had dealings with many realtors over the years, and Jim is the best. We worked with Jim on two separate occasions in the past three years (once buying and once selling). His clear sighted expertise proved extremely valuable both times. Jim has distinguished himself from the sea of realtors through tireless research, honing superior negotiation skills, and drawing on a vast knowledge of the intricacies of real estate transactions. He knows his business and truly WORKS for his clients. He goes above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome for his client. Knowledge, experience, and a tireless work ethic…what more could you ask for? (Plus…he ALWAYS returns your calls!!)

  28. Jim found us an affordable dream home and got us top dollar for our old house last year. We were impressed beyond measure with Jim’s web listings, including terrific digital pictures and interest-peaking verbage. His professionalism and expertise were always evident, and he went a long way beyond normal business hours to see that everything went smoothly. We would not hesitate to recommend Jim, or to utilize his services for any future real estate needs. He’s awesome!

  29. My husband and I have sold 2 homes and purchased 1 while being represented by Jim, and emphatically recommend him to anyone considering buying or selling real estate.

    There is no one who has more integrity, is more knowledgable, or is more motivated to help clients than Jim. I am humbled by the way he went out of his way on so many occasions to help us, and even continued to stay in touch about details after we’d not only long since closed on our Carlsbad home, but had completed our cross country move.

    He is unequivocally the best realtor we’ve ever had, and is a champion among his peers. When it comes to realtors in the San Diego, Jim is a gentleman who is truly in a class by himself.

  30. Let’s just say Jim the Realtor has no problem going to"BAT" 😉 for you. Without him as our realtor we would have never been able to purchase our current home. Jim has a great staff of realtors that are very informative and definitely can make things happen. We also used Jim to sell a house. And along with the sale of the house came a valuable lesson. The Price! If we had only listened to him in the beginning we would have sold our home immediately. Instead we waited 5 months to price it where he thought it should be. And then it sold. The Market is was it is. If it’s a nice house and its priced right Jim will get top dollar for you. Without a doubt.


  31. Jim helped me sell our Penasquitos house in 1995 when we moved to Michigan. Four years later, Jim was the first person I called when we decided to move back. He found us the perfect place in Solana Beach. Then two years ago, we listed the SB house with Jim. It was priced right and sold shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, *he* did all the legwork and found our dreamhome in Rancho Santa Fe, except it was a bit out of my reach financially…but after a consultation with his pocket calculator, the owner and I were on the same page. If we ever want or need to move again, I have ZERO concerns of a stressful experience, because I’ll just call Jim and he’ll make it happen.

  32. I’ve bought two homes through Jim, and family members have used his services as well. He is extremely knowledgeable about North County real estate, market trends, and the "mechanics" of transactions. I felt my interests were very well served by Jim, and his advice is always spot on. I highly recommend him!

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