Sizzling Penasquitos

As of tonight, this REO is still marked as an active listing. Yet the agent responded with the typical supreme confidence that permeates the business these days.

He sent this via a text message, “Sorry, but you’re way too late to this party.  We had 30 offers. The bank has selected one.”

It’s been on the market seven days.

RSF Contest Winner

linea1We have a winner for the RSF Bank-Deal contest!

LP = $850,900

SP = $980,000

Congratulations to James D, who guessed $982,000!

James won 4 field-level tickets to a Padres game!



The agent added an addendum later stipulating that the bank was only considering cash offers with a 10% good-faith deposit and no contingencies.

1.43 Acre REO

Maybe the banks will start helping with our inventory problem.

It looks like the former owner of this house on Crest stopping paying in 2009, but BofA just foreclosed on January 11, 2013.  Hopefully it’s because the bank senses an opportunity, and we’ll see more REOs?

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