Encinitas Contest Winners


The contest for Padres tickets is complete – and it’s a tie!

We closed escrow yesterday at $710,000 cash. (list price was $699,000)

Raymond Byrnes guessed $709,500 and michael call guessed $710,500 – so you both win a set of four Padres tickets!

I think the reasons it didn’t go higher were that we were already listed at the very top of the range, and the house was too small for most people.  The third bedroom had a pair of doors on one side, and a single door or another – so the house was really a 2-bedroom plus den, and 1,424sf.  A single person bought it and paid cash.

See all the guesses in the comment section – thanks for playing!

Padres Contest

The Contest for 4 Padres tickets!

The closest guesser to the sales price of my new listing at 1620 Splitrail, Encinitas, will receive four field-level tickets to a Padres game.

splitrail map

Here is the Zillow listing – Zestimate is $701,924, and we’re listed for $699,000:


Here is the video tour:

A few photos:





We’ve seen some comps recently which may give some guidance, but all are a fair distance away.

1. This is still showing as an active listing on the MLS:


2. The $815,000 fixer that received two offers and went pending within 3 days:


3. The Elmview listing that didn’t make it onto the blog yet:


We’ll be having open house this weekend, 12-3 pm, so come by for a look!

Leave your guess of the eventual sales price in the comment section, and the closest will four tickets near the visitors dugout.

I don’t have season tickets, but a great friend helped me out.  The contest winner will be able to choose one game with either the Marlins, Cubs, Reds, Cardinals, Rockies, or Giants.  If one of those is your favorite team, you’d enjoy these seats overlooking the visitor’s dugout, plus the visiting-team’s owner seats are right in front of you.

This is from Opening Night, taken from the seats – Stan Kastens, president of the Dodgers, is the bald guy at the bottom-right with the rest of Dodger ownership:

dodgers vs padres

Submit your guess of the sales price in the comment section to win!!

Slider-Contest Results

The potentially wild and crazy Slider Contest (that I said could go $100,000-$200,000 in either direction) came to a rather unremarkable close yesterday.

The list price was $995,000, and it closed for $1,000,000 cash:


There were FIVE winners!

I’ll give doughboy, a 2x past client (and future), the contest tickets to the Giants game on September 2nd.  Because I am out of tickets, if the other four want to email me any favorite teams or dates, I will pick-up tickets for you.

See results in the comment section!

RSF Contest Winner

linea1We have a winner for the RSF Bank-Deal contest!

LP = $850,900

SP = $980,000

Congratulations to James D, who guessed $982,000!

James won 4 field-level tickets to a Padres game!



The agent added an addendum later stipulating that the bank was only considering cash offers with a 10% good-faith deposit and no contingencies.

SB Contest Winner

We have winners!

We started the guess-the-sales-price contest prior to 517 N. Cedros hitting the market, so there was little guidance on what to expect – none of these row houses have sold in more than a year!

Solana Beach REO Contest

The bank listed it on March 9th for $882,900 – and it just closed on Friday for $880,000 cash.


Petra and greenlander guessed the same amount, $875,500 so they are both winners of two VIP tickets to the Fiesta del Sol in Solana Beach on the weekend of June 2nd & 3rd.  The English Beat are the headliners:


If one of you can’t make it to the Fiesta Del Sol, the alternate prize is two tickets to the X show next Friday at the Belly-Up!

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