I was on a national sales call yesterday where agents from coast-to-coast were complaining about how bad their market is currently. I kept thinking, “It’s nothing price won’t fix!”

Instead, the common fallacy that ‘it just takes longer to sell a home‘ will prevail.

It’s been a belief among sellers and agents for decades. Could it be wrong? Yes.

Of the 21 NSDCC closings over the last 30 days that sold for $5,000,000+, the median time that it took to find the buyer was 34 days. Of the 17 homes in escrow today that are priced over $5 million, the median market time is 31 days.

Why does the belief keep lingering? It’s because it’s easier to digest than “Your price is wrong”.

How does the market really work? The house that sells today is the one that is the best deal for sale.

All a seller has to do is price their home to be the best deal on the market. They can do it from the beginning and get into escrow in the first week or two, or they can wait for weeks or months before getting their price right. Some get lucky when strong demand clears out all the better deals in a hurry, causing the over-priced-turkey to look competitive quickly. It’s just dumb luck though, rather than a deliberate strategy, because it can go the other way too when newer listings at lower prices leave the OPT high and dry.

This is the type of market where some listings will never sell. They price too high from the beginning, never adjust, and they just help to sell the better-priced listings down the street or around the corner. The market can just fade away, or like we will see in 2025, a flood of new inventory can set a new standard for pricing in the neighborhood.

Some days there is enough demand that the best few deals will all sell at once. A surge like that usually happens when there aren’t other distractions like 4-day weekends, Easter, graduations, vacations, etc. We’re due for a wave of demand here over the next 2-3 weeks. But will any of the current homes for sale be considered a good enough deal? it can happen that NONE of the active listings look like deals – especially this time of year when everything is so picked over.

All that a seller has to do is price the home so it is the best deal available, and it will be the next to sell.

We started with an aspirational price here (my recommended LP was $2,200,000). But we adjusted quickly, and once the price got down to $2,250,000, we found the buyer within two weeks (more on this one later):

Anyone can do it!

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Jim the Realtor
Jim is a long-time local realtor who comments daily here on his blog, bubbleinfo.com which began in September, 2005. Stick around!

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