If you are spending $2,000,000+ for a home, you deserve a built-in refrigerator! Check its age though, because they are expensive to replace. Sub-Zero and Thermador refrigerators will last for 20 years and are made in America. GE fridges are American-made too, but they don’t carry the same swagger. If you’re selling your home and don’t want to spend the money, then at least buy a counter-depth fridge that will partially disguise your thriftiness.

Here are thoughts on evaluating the kitchen:

Kirsten Jordan knows to look out for signs that a home is priced too high based on the current state of the kitchen — even if it looks brand new.

“When a home has a brand new, on-trend kitchen and is priced at the top of the market, I make sure to read that kitchen closely,” she said. “Did they renovate to sell? You can tell by the quality of the materials and construction. Maybe it’s because of social media but Americans have become too focused on what’s trendy. Quality should be your first priority. Quality retains value.”

One area to pay close attention to is the cabinets.

“Look at the kitchen cabinet’s quality,” Jordan said. “Is there dovetailing? Are the drawers soft-close? Is there a maker’s mark? If not, they’re probably builder’s grade — that means particle board construction and wood veneer cabinet faces, which don’t wear well. The kitchen might look great today, but in four years you’ll need upgrades and if it’s not your aesthetic there’s no way to refinish — you’ll need to rip it all out. That kitchen could cost you thousands more in the not-so-distant future.”

Another thing to take into account is the appliances.

“You can tell a lot about a seller from the quality of appliances they’ve selected,” Jordan said.

She recommends using AI to determine the quality of the kitchen appliances.

“Your phone now has a visual look-up feature where you can snap a photo and search it using AI,” Jordan said. “Use this tool to look up the appliance, quickly find reviews and see if there’s a Reddit thread about issues with the components. If you want to go really deep, search in Google News for information about any recalls. You can also buy a $30 subscription to Consumer Reports. Their expert team tests all the appliance brands for you and then provides unbiased reviews.”

Sometimes the kitchen upgrades needed are relatively minor, so it’s still worth buying the home with a negotiated sales price. Other times, it’s better to just walk away.



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