The 2023 real estate forecasts keep coming in.

With the radical change in market conditions, the annual statistics are going to look dramatically different from the more recent activity – look at these differences in home sales between La Jolla and Carlsbad.

NSDCC 2022 Annual Sales, and Sales Since Nov 1st:

Data Point
Jan 1-Dec 20
Nov 1-Dec 20
% Difference
Median LP
Median SP
Median DOM
Median SF
Median $/sf
Average $/sf

My guesses?

I’m predicting a +5% change in the current NSDCC median sales price of $1,890,000 which gets us back to almost $2,000,000. Combine the softer pricing with current seller disappointment and the damage has been done – the 2023 local inventory should be so low that it helps to create a floor in pricing.

Here are several more opinions:


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