I guessed that we’d have 5% more NSDCC sales this year because I expected a surge of delayed sellers who would finally come to market in order to cash in on the record pricing.

But it’s not happening, at least not yet.

The number of NSDCC listings for the first two months of the year is 32% BELOW last year! It means buyers are only going to have a few shots at winning a home.

Here’s what home buyers will have to endure in 2022 to succeed:

Long Waits – Days and weeks will go by without any quality new listings to review. It makes you soft and it’s difficult to keep your chops up.

Coming Soon – Listing agents will tease you by advertising a home for sale, but you can’t see it yet. It’s not always clear when you can see it, and you better not miss the date because…..

Quick Exposure – Once the listing agent is willing to show the house, they will be overcome with the demand, and will likely hit the panic button.

Many will insist that you show them a bank statement and pre-approval letter just to see the house!  If you get an appointment, it will be limited to a 15-minute period that is convenient for the listing agent AND be subject to cancellation prematurely because they already took an offer before your scheduled time. Hopefully, you don’t have a job or other responsibilities that limit your scheduling. You will get the feeling it is best to quit your job so you can devote your entire life to home-buying.

No Transparency – If you want to buy it, then just make an offer and you will hear back in a few days.

Over Pay – Not only will you have to pay well over the list price to win, but there won’t be any recent sales to justify any of it. The logic and common sense you usually employ will be your enemy here.

Waiving the Appraisal – What was once an insider trick to improve an offer has turned into a standard on every deal. If you refuse, the listing agents will think you aren’t a serious buyer, and move on.

Shorten the Contingency Periods – You will have 7-10 days to sign off all contingencies. You will need to have a great home inspector on speed dial and who can schedule quickly.

60-Day Free Rentback – Listing agents demand free rentbacks whether the seller needs them or not. Those homes that provide immediate occupancy is a bonus for which buyers will pay extra.

No Repairs – Most buyers are submitting a blank repair-request form with their initial offer.

In spite of all those hurdles, there will still be stiff competition for the quality buys. Once the listing agent has collected enough offers that fit the criteria above, they will then huddle with the sellers in the back room and decide on a winner. This is where having a great agent with a good reputation in the community will pay off. Discount agents, out-of-town agents, buyers who are agents, and agents who don’t look good or don’t smell right are ignored and/or sent to the back of the line.

If you can endure that much and successfully get into escrow, you will be treated with disdain and disrespect that makes you will feel like a suspect, not a valued buyer. The contempt that listing agents have for their prey is palpable – they don’t trust that their initial mistreatment of you will be enough of a lesson, and they will keep it coming because they think that’s their job.

And get this – you will probably lose a few bidding wars before you get up to the desperation level of the other buyers.  Oh, you’re not desperate? Then this market probably isn’t for you.

Give it a try and you might get lucky. But if you want a quality home in a good area, then don’t be surprised if the desperation among the competing buyers is higher than you could ever imagine.

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