We were scheduled to fly out of JFK last night at 7:35pm, which seemed reasonable because it was barely snowing and the temperature was in the low-30s. Certainly the airport and Delta Airlines can handle that!

We left at 4:45am eastern time!

I think we spent more time on the tarmac than in the air!

We missed the end of the Bing Crosby season, but Cheryl went and captured this double rainbow:

It made me think of Bing’s famous song:

Where the turf meets the surf

Down at old Del Mar

Take a plane

Take a train

Take a car.

There is a smile on every face

And a winner in each race

Where the turf meets the surf

At Del Mar.

The train and car is understandable, but what about taking a plane?

Did you know that Del Mar Airport used to exist? These are from the mid-1960s:

You can see that the new I-5 freeway was built right over the runway!

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