Here’s a great reason to list your home with Jim the Realtor – Zillow is giving ‘special preference’ to listings by Premier Agents that feature a video tour.

  1.  Hopefully this will help bring home video tours into the forefront of real estate marketing.  It is time for agents to embrace video – finally!
  2.  This will help to further magnify the superiority of Zillow’s website over our local MLS, who refuses to allow agent videos to be publicly displayed.
  3.  It demonstrates how Zillow will keep developing exclusive benefits for the Premier Agents who pay them to advertise.

Home sellers will have one more way to evaluate which listing agent to hire – who does the best video tour!

The home video tour also gives the listing agent direct access to the buyers, allowing them to sell the house using video and audio – which might be the more important benefit of the two.

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