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Are you thinking of moving, but want to sell your house first, and use the proceeds to buy the next one?  It is the preferred path.

Most every homeowner has substantial equity now – transferring it to the new home is best accomplished by selling and buying concurrently.

But when potential sellers casually look around at the standing (unsold) inventory, they don’t see anything worth the bother.  If a good listing does pop up, the listing agent doesn’t want to consider your offer that is contingent upon selling your home that isn’t on the market yet.

If it is easier selling than buying, how can we pull off both?

  1.  Trust that there will be new and better choices coming to market.
  2.  List your home with me, subject to finding a suitable replacement.
  3.  I’ll find a buyer for your home who is willing to wait 30-60 days.
  4.  Be as flexible as possible on the criteria of the next home.

We have a form just for sellers in this predicament, and if you can’t find a suitable house to buy, you are under no obligation to sell.

Recently, I have done a couple of these successfully.  With the tight inventory, buyers are being more flexible about timing.  They are already starting their search well before their lease is up, and a slightly-longer process (1-2 months) can suit their situation too.

  • It helps to see houses in person.  Let’s take a tour of the latest listings that might suit your needs, just to get a good feel of what to expect for the money.  The personal tour will help get you familiar with the process too.
  • It helps to have your house ready to sell.  Have me over for a consultation of what tuneups you might needs to maximize your selling price.
  • It helps to have an agent who represents buyers and sellers.  If you have different people on each end, the comfort level isn’t the same – and you don’t get a package deal on the commission.

Here is the verbiage from our form – you are protected!

seller contingency

Contact me today to discuss it further – now is the time!

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