An open letter to Sandicor CEO Ray Ewing, and the Board of Directors:

On April 3, 2015, a message left on the Sandicor website said that the negotiations between you and Zillow had broken down, and that you’d update us as you work further on an agreement to automatically upload our listings.

It’s been NINE months – how’s that coming?

According to folks at Zillow, there has been no movement.

Nine months have gone by, and you can’t find a way to agree with Zillow?  They have 400 other MLS companies that have an agreement to upload listings to Zillow – what is the problem?

In mellow, laid-back San Diego, you probably aren’t getting enough complaints to move the needle.  I’m only one guy, but I think many agents can relate to these concerns:

  1.  Without an automatic upload from the MLS, we are dependent upon third-party aggregators to do the work – or upload manually ourselves.  You used to allow our MLS listings to be automatically uploaded, and it is the preferred option for efficiency and accuracy.  Let’s make a deal here!
  2.  There are agents who don’t know that the auto-upload has been disrupted, and their listings aren’t on Zillow.  Those agents and the consumers deserve to have those listings advertised on the most popular real estate website.
  3.  Zillow has security alerts for fraudulent listings.  They will allow listings that aren’t automatically uploaded, but if there is any discrepancy once they have sold, then Zillow deletes them. Recently I had a listing disappear from Zillow – and my Past Sales – because a previous listing agent had spelled the street name wrong.  But because mine was the most recent, my listing was deleted.  While I know it sounds like a Zillow issue, if you just got busy on making an agreement with them, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

The MLS asks every agent during a listing input whether we want it uploaded to the portals – thank you, we deserve to have that choice.  But Zillow isn’t part of the group that gets the listing data!

We pay you to help us, so we can help our clients.

Will you please make the deal with Zillow to upload our listings automatically please?  The listings belong to us – let each agent decide if they get uploaded automatically, not you.

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