A story about realtor.com giving Z a run for their money.  Not mentioned is the fickle nature of realtors – known for jumping around to the latest fad.  Murdoch should do realtors a favor and buy Zillow:


An excerpt:

“In February, Zillow closed its $2.5B acquisition of Trulia, with the intent of consolidating audience market share and driving cost synergies, mainly from sales & marketing,” the analysts wrote.

“And now management is seemingly letting the Trulia brand slowly fade away, we think to the benefit of Realtor.com,” the analysts continued.

“Indeed, we believe Realtor.com may be the new Trulia, a large competitor that will relentlessly pursue audience market share, and will at the very least force Zillow to spend more on marketing than their current guidance for $100 million in post-merger cost synergies would suggest,” the analysts said.

The Barclays analysts also write that the Trulia integration has been “more challenging” for Zillow than originally anticipated.

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