Del Mar Heights is an eclectic mix of older customs and tract houses, combined with some sensational remodels.  A super-custom 4,400sf house about 100 yards from my new listing sold for $2,650,000….in 2009! (house is now listed for rent at $8,500 per month).

Unique older neighborhoods are tough to comp in any year, but now with lower inventory and pocket listings, the actual values can only be determined by testing the open market – which we will do this weekend.

Justifying the price is the listing agent’s job – they meet the appraiser, and provide the comps.  Yet rarely do you see any evidence being provided to the buyers or agents – they want you to figure it out.

Not me – I want to help buyers and their agents come to the right conclusion.  It starts with knowing the comps, which is why Kayla and I look at houses together every week on broker caravan:

In less than 24 hours, we’ve had 333 views on Zillow:


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