These guys run a true boiler room, with all the classic tricks.  They have different people calling me regularly with specials, upsells, takeaways etc., with the loud clamoring of other salespeople in the background.  One caller told me that he has 400 agents (used to be 600) so they have to be on auto-dialers too, which aren’t conducive to taking breaks.

So there’s no surprise to see this:


An excerpt:

The number one online real estate website is facing a $5 million class action lawsuit for intimidating employees to skip meals and work long hours without pay.

Former sales representative Ian Freeman filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of he and his coworkers, accusing Zillow of “exploiting and intimidating its employees to miss meal breaks, rest breaks, and work overtime without compensation,” the complaint states.

Beyond working long hours, Freeman and other plaintiffs assert Zillow altered employees’ time sheets to show that they worked from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Employees were pressured to clock in early and stay late, often through legally designated meal or rest periods, but only paid for working an eight-hour work day, according to the suit.

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