2014-02-09 13.53.50

It was nine years ago today that we got started!

It was early on a Saturday morning that I signed up for a free blog website, hoping to inform and educate sellers about the impending doom on the horizon.

It’s been a wild ride since!

In many ways it’s been a full circle back to where it started – trying to deliver pertinent information to assist sellers and buyers with making decisions.

I would like to be your realtor – if you are thinking of moving and want to discuss in detail how I can help, let me know!

Thanks for being here, and participating!

Here’s one of the first foreclosure videos, from August, 2008. All types of quirky things have happened along the way – one of the viewers of this video repeatedly pointed out how I was breaking the law by not pulling my car all the way up the driveway, and was blocking the sidewalk:

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