Last June we had the big panic due to the Fed suggesting they were thinking about possibly raising rates.  Within a month, the conforming-mortgage rates jumped from the mid-3%s to the mid-4%s.

We noted here on how the 30-year-fixed jumbo rates dropped below conforming rates, which I don’t think has ever happened before.

From June 30, 2013:

June 30 2013

A year later and the Fed says they are going to end the quantitive easing in October, and start raising rates in 2015. From the wsj.com:


Those projections, which Ms. Yellen noted as an indication of their recent intentions, show officials expect to raise their benchmark rate to 1% by the end of next year. Many officials have affirmed investors’ belief that the Fed won’t start rate increases until about the middle of 2015.

What happened to mortgage rates this time?

Not only was there NO panic, but rates are actually LOWER today then they were last summer – and jumbo still below conforming:

July 18 2014

While the real estate market feels like it is heading for an off-season malaise, there is going to be some real opportunity for buyers who stay in the game.

The motivated sellers who held out with a too-high price hoping to snag a springtime buyer are starting to realize that summer is going to be over before you know it.  August is only 2 weeks away!

If they can live with less – and some of them can – buyers could reap a double benefit of lower home price AND a 30-year-fixed jumbo rate at all-time lows.

Pay a point, and borrow $1,000,000 with a jumbo fixed rate in the high-3%s!

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