Having over eight years’ worth of blog posts means all types of kooky things happen regularly – usually regarding comments left on old stories.

Yesterday’s comment-du-jour went back to June, 2011, which caused me to read a few other comments of the day.

Reader LM left this:

Bernanke live press conf: We have told the banks to handle their REOs…..long pause………..in an economy-supportive way.

Oops.  We he was GOING to say was “we have told the banks not to flood the market with REOs.”

Here is the link to the actual speech, with Bernanke’s quote on the last page:


Let’s look back at the foreclosure history beginning in 2011. Sure enough, LM called it – foreclosures in California dropped off the table:

CA Trustee-Sale Results

Thanks Uncle Ben – and rots of ruck to you!

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