I was on CNBC’s Street Signs show today, and Kayla joined me to capture my two lines on video.

Snapshot 1 (2-21-2014 9-32 PM)They didn’t give me the questions in advance, the TV monitor is out of sight due to the 7-second delay, and the local cameraman had mis-wired the earpiece so I was getting my own voice fed back to me a split-second later.

Click HERE to see Kayla’s behind-the-scenes video.

The segment started with Diana Olick repeating the standard buzzwords from Yunnie on why home sales have dipped nationally – here is her video:


I’m listening to her report in one ear, then it’s showtime. I give my meat-and-potatoes advice that is applicable to every market, coast-to-coast, and the next agent starts on national TV with how he makes his sellers price right.

Which would you prefer to hear?

Which one did you hear?

I hate going first!

Here is how it looked live on CNBC:

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