Whether you look at individual sales or market data, we are back to the highest prices ever seen in the hottest areas of town.¬† I couldn’t get these all on one, but looking at two graphs might be easier anyway.

Carmel Valley, Encinitas, and Carlsbad are approaching new peaks:

San Diego Median Sale Price / sq. ft.

San Diego Metro Median Sale Price / sq. ft.

Peak Med. SP/sf
Latest Med. SP/sf
Carmel Valley
$401/sf, Jul 2005
$452/sf, Jan 2006
$332/sf, Jul 2005

Big money attracts a lot of takers if you are selling powerball tickets – but if you have to sell your house to get it,¬†most aren’t interested.

No flood of inventory yet, in spite of near-record prices being available!

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