We featured the grand opening of the new Arterro homes in SE Carlsbad – here are details about the rest of the development from the LCTS website:

LCTSThe retail project will include a Vons Lifestyle grocery store, 24 Hour Fitness, Petco, Stein Mart, and other soft-good apparel and drugstore tenants. The project site is designed to allow for a gas station with car wash at the main entrance off Rancho Santa Fe Road, retail space, restaurant space and financial pads for banks.

Local residents had something to say about it on Facebook, which lit up like a Christmas tree with over 100 comments.  A few samples:

1. Those stores surprise me it’s such a classy area I thought it was going to be more like the Forum.

2. I thought it was supposed to be upscale like Del Mar Heights.

3. OMG – that sucks. They blew it.  Look how successful the Forum was.  We need upscale.

4. Don’t forget the gas station and car wash…it’s gonna be lovely. Not. Imagine the traffic.

5. We have no one to blame for the lack of movie theater but our neighbors.  During the public input phase of the development people bitched about NOT wanting a movie theater.  Well, instead you get a Steinmart.  What the heck is Steinmart anyway?

6. Everyone here should contact the developer and let them know what you were expecting and how disappointed you are!  You start out nice and then if no response, the wrath of the La Costa Moms!!

7. I at least hope they put in a local restaurant/bar!! Maybe steinmart will look better with beer glasses on!

8. Jeremy wants this:  http://www.steinmart.com/alan-flusser…/cat-25-catid-101…

9. I  had to look up Stein Mart to find out what it was…I clicked on “Ladies”…this was the second item of clothing on the 1st page. We’re in trouble ladies.

snazzy velour

10. Snazzy is the only word that comes to mind. They have an entire section devoted to velour http://www.steinmart.com/ladies/velour/cat-25-catid-20040

11. That will be a total bummer, I was expecting good food, a movie theater and good clothing shops. Especially since SEH has produced NOTHING!! Shoot was really looking forward to it:((((

12. I grew up with a Steinmart – It’s very much like a Marshalls (but cheaper).

The main website does have a public-outreach section for those who want to express their views on the LCTS project:


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