split marketWe’ve seen how our local market has been split, with the lower end being red hot, and the upper price range is, well, not hot. In talking to RSF agents yesterday, we agreed that the recent frenzy has yet to visit the Ranch.

Here are NSDCC active listings compared to those marked pending in the last 60 days (some of which have already sold).

List Prices
#Pendings Last 60 Days
Under $1.4M
Over $1.4M

66% of the active listings are OVER $1,400,000, and 67% of the pendings are UNDER $1,400,000!

Statistically, the Under-$1.4 group looks very healthy, with almost 1:1 ratio of actives-to-pendings and only a 4% list-pricing gap between those pendings and not.

But the Over-$1.4 group is a mess, with almost 4x as many actives as pendings, and a 22% list-pricing gap between the actives and pendings!

They’re not going to give it away!

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