This market snapshot comes from the #1 CB agent in the OC:

In talking with realtors, mortgage brokers, escrow agents, and title reps, from all areas, I ask, what are you currently experiencing in your market?

The overall theme supports a significant slow down over the last two months.

How will Quarters 3 and 4 finish out in 2013? Is this a normal slow down with the end of the school year and summer vacation and travel in full bloom? Or are we seeing a change in the trajectory of our real estate market?

We¬†carry approximately 50 listings, between $300,000 and $30,000,000, in all segments of Orange County’s coastal real estate market.

As we continue to sign new listings we notice the sizzle of being brand new is no longer getting the activity we saw in Quarters 1 and 2.

Our showing requests over the past eight weeks are significantly lower than usual trends at this time. Our hope is that we revert back to the normal trend of a strong summer selling season.

I like his youtubes because they are real videos and he does the talking himself, instead of relying on Yanni or elevator music to do the selling.

This is listed at $29,500,000:

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