From Richard Rider, a local pot-stirrer – HT to DOB:

When it comes to gathering sufficient property taxes, Prop 13 is no problem at all – except for profligate spenders.

Look at the history of my San Diego County – a history which pretty much reflects the history of property taxes in the urban/suburban counties that hold over 85% of California’s population.

According to the SD County Tax Assessor, in 1977 – the year BEFORE Prop 13 took effect (when everything was working great, according to Prop 13 critics) – our countywide property tax revenue was about $639 million.

In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, our county assessor reported real estate property tax revenues of $4.550 BILLION.

For every property tax dollar collected in 1977, the county in 2011-12 collected $7.12.

And BTW, according to the County Assessor, since Prop 13 passed, 97% of the pre-Prop 13 county owner-occupied homes has changed hands (and been reassessed) at least once.

During that time frame, our county population has grown about 85%, and inflation has gone up about 253%. Hence property tax revenues today are substantially higher than the bloated PRE-Prop 13 year, even after adjusting for inflation and population growth.

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