Hat tip to HW for publishing this story, but I’m not sure that they or Barclays grasp the full meaning – that banks are deliberately letting defaulters live for free…..for years.

Loans serviced by Bank of America tend to remain in the 90-plus-delinquency state for significantly longer than loans serviced by other big banks, analysts at Barclays Capital find. The length of time that a loan is in the 90-plus delinquency bucket, they say, is driven by the credit quality of the borrower, its geographic location, and especially, by the servicer processing the loan.

A disproportionate share of BofA mortgages in the 90+ days delinquent bucket — 62% — are there for more than three years. That’s biggest among Too Big to Fails.

“We believe that this is partly driven by the more intense media scrutiny and government pressure being applied to BofA with respect to its foreclosure practices, given its history of servicing lapses,” Barclays says.

Over the past few years, BofA has likely exhausted all other avenues of resolution (loan modifications, short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, etc.) before proceeding with moving a borrower into foreclosure. The bank implemented a temporary foreclosure moratorium across the country in late 2010.

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