All buyers are sitting on the hotsheet, waiting for new listings – and when they hit, there is an early rush to check them out.  It happens a lot these days that when you come across a hot new listing, there will be other people will be there looking at it too.  What do you do?

If there is an agent buried deep inside the house who is showing buyers around, as a courtesy, I stay outside and wait for them to conclude.

But if they are lingering near the door or outside the house, and they see me – I’m going to walk into the middle of it to diffuse.  The more interest they have in the house, the more they are going to freeze up and panic over the incoming threat, and they won’t want to leave.

I want to gauge their interest, because I might be in a bidding war with them later.

Instead of fumbling around with fake handshakes, I’ll just hit them right between the eyes with the old reliable, “How do you guys like this one?”  Usually they are taken by such surprise that they answer honestly, or you can tell by their reaction how they really feel.

When the shoe is on the other foot, and I’m showing people around when another agent arrives – I want to leave immediately without saying a word, and go talk in the street.

Here is the listing for this one, they just paid $300,000 last month.

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