A warm thank you to the 179 people who have participated in the survey so far!

Many have commented that the videos are worthy, and it would be beneficial if they were easier to watch (HD, no mumbling, slow down, more captions, etc.).  Several have noted that more detail on local neighborhoods would be appreciated too.  A full summary to follow!

When it comes to the price ranges covered here….we’re working the middle to high-end markets (above $500,000), so the concentration will be there, but I’ll try to cover the best available stories for the blog. The lower-ends of each market do vary; in Carmel Valley the lower-end of the price range is under $800,000, which sounds ridiculous to most Americans.

But it has been getting slightly more “reasonable” in CV. This year, there have already been 34 detached sales under $700,000, while in 2011 there were only 79 closed for the whole year:

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