Are you looking for some country living but don’t want to be way out of town?

Prefer a drier climate like in Rancho Santa Fe, but want to spend less?

Having a hard time finding a newer one-story on a decent lot with quiet and privacy?

Check out 840 Salem St. (map), on the border of Climate Zone 21 & 23, just like RSF:


(Click on map to enlarge)

ZONE 21: Thermal belts in Southern California’s areas of occasional ocean influence 

The combination of weather influences described for Zone 20 applies to Zone 21 as well. Your garden can be in ocean air or a high fog one day and in a mass of interior air (perhaps a drying Santa Ana wind from the desert) the next day. Because temperatures rarely drop very far below 30°F (–1°C), this is fine citrus growing country. At the same time, Zone 21 is also the mildest zone that gets sufficient winter chilling for most forms of lilacs and certain other chill-loving plants. Extreme lows—the kind you see once every 10 or 20 years—in Zone 21 average 28 to 25°F (–2 to –4°C).All-time record lows in the zone were 27 to 17°F (–3 to –8°C).

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