Bubbleinfo.com is undergoing change!

Reader no-techie saw that we are trying to implement a new feature above to use with mobile phones.  The intent is to enable you to input an address of a house you see, and be able to check the listing, or zestimate, with one click.  Of course the listing side didn’t go smoothly, so it’s still under construction, but try the zillow button if you like – you have to include the zip code too.

Secondly, we have Rick Campbell’s market report linked in the right column now. 

Click on “San Diego Monthly Report“, under Real Estate Advice  >>>>>>>>>>>

In the top left corner of his report, you can adjust the markets to your preference.  The large graph shows the active inventory over time, which helps illuminate why the market isn’t tanking – there aren’t enough people who want to sell at today’s prices.

He also carries this graph below of 12-month moving averages, which will be very interesting to watch now that you can get 30-year mortgages in the low-4% range:

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