In the comments of the last post, we were discussing the thought of making an offer on a house that you haven’t seen.  It is definitely more personal when you are looking at a primary residence – so let’s start with an investment property!

The intent of this video is to give you enough ingredients to be able to calculate the cost of repairs, and hopefully determine if this property pencils out for you, prior to visiting in person.  Buyers are checking comps in advance, and just need to estimate repair costs on any property, right?

As the listing agent, do I worry about verifying that buyers have seen the property? 

On vacant properties – No. 


Because on vacant houses, listing agents don’t know if ANY of the offerors have seen it – unless I stake out the property, slumped down in my car across the street, Rockford-style.  Yes, I would prefer if buyers have seen it, but when asked, every buyer’s agent says, “of course”.

I’m going to assume that NONE of them have seen it, and instead I’ll provide ample evidence to give everyone the most thorough experience of what you are buying, before you go.

Try it out for yourself – those who follow the blog have already seen this house a few times, here is the final cut – plus for those who need to see it, we’ll make that easy too, by conducting open house late in the afternoon during the first day on the market (in effect, our actual stake-out!):

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