An interesting debate here between home builders in Malibu, and the Coastal Commission.

The designers and builders insist that they have taken great care in working with nature, and think the Coastal Commission should allow these types of projects, because only five houses would be built on just one of the 156 acres.

Here is the introductory video from the builders’ website, www.leavesinthewind.com:

Leaves In The Wind from Ecofusion2 on Vimeo.

The main principal is David Evans (The Edge), guitarist for the band U2, who bought the land in 2006 to build a home for his family. The California Coastal Commission staff is now recommending a denial of the project over how the project ownership was presented – because the builders submitted five separate plans, one for each house.

For those considering building a home in a CCC-regulated area, click through to the article to get a feel for the scrutiny – here’s an excerpt:

The project has been pending before the commission for several years and has been previously postponed. After the commission in 2009 expressed concerns about its effects on views, fire risk and the amount of earth that would have to be moved, Evans and his partners modified their plans, lowering building heights and backing them away from the edge in what Vanden Berg said has “resulted in nearly a complete re-design for each of the proposed houses.”

Officials for the CCC say that they might approve two or three houses on a less-visible site – why didn’t they say that in 2009? Watch yourself – it’s looks like a moving target.

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