W.C Varones has insight on the Drywaller Bandit, who was apprehended Thursday:

The drywaller bandit has been identified as John Leendert Oskam, a 1989 graduate of Pasadena’s John Muir High School. He appears to be the son of Leendert and Carol Oskam of Pasadena. Records show Oskam as the owner of the residence at 510 Avenue 64 in Pasadena, which he appears to have inherited/bought from his mother’s living trust. He tried to sell the house, unsuccessfully, last year.

The drywaller bandit’s bank hits were all in Pasadena, Oceanside, and Encinitas. The Pasadena heists were within 2 miles of his home. In addition to his Pasadena roots, Oskam and his parents are listed with residences on Mandarin Drive and Los Arbolitos in Oceanside. The Oceanside bank hits were within 1.5 to 3 miles of the Mandarin house. So Oskam appears to hit banks close to home, possibly so he can escape on foot or bicycle. That way nobody could spot a license plate on a getaway car.

Which leaves Encinitas. John Oskam has no apparent residential history near the El Camino corridor where he hit so many banks. But there is a Jacobus Oskam listed on Calle Violetas, near the intersection of Encinitas Boulevard and El Camino Real. Jacobus Oskam is the right age to be Leendert’s brother, or John’s uncle. My bet is that John Oskam was running to Uncle Jacobus’ house when he was arrested yesterday morning.

W.C’s blog is a great read for local scoop:  http://encinitasundercover.blogspot.com/


The house on Mandarin is owned by John L. Oskam, and he’s in default, owing $292,000.  The house is worth around $350,000, so he could sell it and make money, but has never listed it for sale.

John L. Oskam took title of his parents’ 3 br/3ba, 2,119sf Pasadena house in 2007; at the time it had about $200,000 in loans – with no change since. 

From October to December, 2010, it was for sale, asking $624,900! 

A home seller who would rather rob banks, than lower his price!

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