Alejandro Lazo from the L.A. Times is doing his best to sort through the excuses about why homes aren’t selling, but it’s not easy.  He found the usual psycho-babble was to blame – ‘economic woes’, ‘tax credits’, ‘household formation’, and ‘job creation’.

Except one guy had a thought you rarely hear:

San Diego real estate agent Jim Klinge, who maintains the popular blog, said the key behind the sales slowdown last month was simple: Prices are just too high.

“Sellers are too optimistic on price. They think the market is better than it is, and they think they deserve more money,” Klinge said. “The buyers are smart. The Internet has leveled the playing field, and buyers are paying attention — they are checking the comps closer than ever, and they are not going to overpay for a house.”

Klinge credited those cautious, well-informed consumers as partially to blame for the October sales slowdown. Escrow closed on only 16,744 properties last month, down 24.3% from the same month last year, for the second-worst October since 1988, when DataQuick began its tracking. Sales of newly built homes posted their worst month on record.

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