Hat tip to Susie for sending along this article from TIME/CNN, full of classics:

“The whole market has slowed down anywhere from 30% to 40% across the country,”   Not in San Diego, where we’ve seen YOY and MOM sales be virtually unchanged.

“If you are trying to be an opportunistic seller and you don’t have to sell, there’s no reason to have it on the market right now.” says Trulia’s Shuman. “The demand is not there.”  Huh?  Not in SD, where there is plenty of people willing to buy today if they could find a reasonably-priced house.

“If your home has been on the market for four months and it hasn’t sold, you have to adjust your price.”  Four months?  It’s the middle of July, better make it four weeks, or less!

“I definitely think we have more inventory,” she says. “But everything will always sell for a price.”  Now we’re talking!

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