At first this video seemed like it would be a quick 3-4 minute jaunt, but it turned into a full-length feature film instead – sorry.

Here’s the condensed version:

At the beginning of the year many of us thought that Carmel Valley would be finally taking a hit on price, and the 2,700sf models in Soleil/Bordeaux would end up well into the $700,000s by now. In 2008 they had sold from $800,000 to $925,000, and it sure seemed like the trend was southbound. Instead, they are selling like gangbusters:

Street Name List Price Sales Price COE
Briarcrest $775-$825K $880,000 4/14/09
Flintwood $775-$825K $835,000 5/21/09
Mill Creek $895,000 $840,000 6/16/09
Sonoma $859,000 $855,000 6/17/09
Briarcrest $792,000 $782,000 7/17/09 (backed to freeway)
Rabbit $885,000 $880,000 6/18/09
Gamay $859,000 $850,000 7/28/09
Porter Crk $895,000 $892,000 7/31/09

Also included in the video is another look at the short-sale that listed on Sonoma for $765,000 in April by the realtor from Chula Vista. It was foreclosed in June, but this week the same agent re-inputs it on the MLS as a pending listing, priced $830,000 to $850,000! All I can figure is that he worked something out with the bank?

The enthusiasm is bubbling over too – there are now three houses listed well into the $900,000s: $924,900, $949,900, and the range $949,000 to $999,000!

There are a lot more houses NOT selling in 92130, than are selling, especially higher up price-wise. But these exemplify some of the exuberance this year around CV – will it last? Can it last?

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