The State of California needs to do what regular people do – when you’re in trouble, sell assets to generate cash.

from sddt.com

The city of Del Mar is considering a bid to buy the Del Mar Fairgrounds so that coastal property can remain in the public domain.

The Del Mar City Council voted unanimously on Monday to send a “letter of interest” to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger about the 400-acre fairgrounds, racetrack and nearby horse park.

Schwarzenegger has placed the property on a list of surplus sites that could be sold to raise cash for the financially strapped state.  City officials are worried that a developer could buy the property, making it off-limits to the public.

The cost of the fairgrounds is estimated between $400 million and $700 million.

Speaking of the track, the 2Q09 contest is almost a wrap, and as of today there are 5,844 closings for the second quarter of 2009 – here’s a link:


On July 23rd one of these guessers will be the winner of six tickets to the track:

5,840 Happs
5,846 mybleachhouse
5,900 Genius
5,950 Erica
5,955 Strider
5,983 CA renter
5,991 osidebuyer
6,000 doughboy

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