When that article about the blog was syndicated, it ran in the newspaper in Bend, Oregon, and we’ve picked up some friends since.

Bob sent this in from the latest edition of the same paper, evidence that looks like Citi is going after those who owe a balance on their mortgage:

Published: July 06. 2009
Civil Suits
Deschutes County Circuit Court Civil Log
Cases involving less than $50,000 are subject to mandatory arbitration
Filed June 22
09CV0640ST: Citibank South Dakota NA v. Todd R. Meredith, complaint, $12,567.15
09CV0641AB: Citibank NA v. Jeffrey D. Evans, complaint, $99,960.50
09CV0642ST: CitiMortgage Inc. v. Lisa M. Solomon, complaint, $42,259.79
09CV0643AB: CitiMortgage Inc. v. Ramon Salcedo Jr., complaint, $71,126.88
09CV0644MA: CitiMortgage Inc. v. Lara Wettig, complaint, $60,054.39
09CV0645MA: CitiMortgage Inc. v. Michele Ann Sprando, complaint, $60,705.39

We don’t know for sure what these are, but the CitiMortgage suits look mortgage-related, and they aren’t the normal foreclosure postings.  No surprise that they are trying to collect money owed them – I think we can expect future recourse-loan deficiencies to be pursued.

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