Pardee continues their march through Pacific Highlands Ranch in Carmel Valley, with the new tract called Manzanita Trail. In a curious move to fit the market, they have combined the types of housing they’ve built next door.

The Plans 1 and 2 are the smaller models (2,362sf and 2,596sf) that have no back yard (garages off the alley) and zero lot lines, where your only outdoor experience is a side yard looking at your neighbor’s stucco wall.

The Plans 3 and 4 are 2,789sf and 3,056sf models, and have the more traditional skinny sideyards and backyards that look to be about 30 feet deep.

These will be popular just because of the lack of decent inventory in the area under $1,000,000, and with the builder dripping them out little by little, they should be able to sell them. Here’s the youtube review:


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