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Will Ferrell

I lived in Phoenix for eight years when I was a kid, but never went to a spring training game – there were only a few teams then, and they played during the day when we were in school.

As the Cactus League has grown, I’ve wanted to go to a game over the last few years – but never got around to it because this is the busy season for realtors too. But with urging from wifey and others, we picked a game and went for it last night:

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A big difference between today and the bubble years is the type of financing being used.  Back when the Tan Man was pushing exploding ARMs, more than 70% of the buyers took him up on it – today, more than 80% are choosing a fixed rate mortgage:

ARMs history

Plus, those who get stuck not being able to pay when their ARM increases can always loan mod out of it!

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