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Category Archive: ‘Trendy Tuesday’

Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Jay Gatsby’s Mansion is FOR SALE!

One of my most favorite books of all time is The Great Gatsby.  When it turned into a motion picture with another one of my favorites, Leonardo DiCaprio, I became even more in love!

In 2015, the mansion that inspired Gatsby’s home became for sale! I thought…YES! But then I saw the price tag of $100 million and was a little discouraged – I need to sell more houses!

This mansion boasts 18 bedrooms, 2 separate guest homes, indoor pool, a bowling alley, a shooting range, and a casino! Unfortunately at the end of the dock you will not see Daisy Buchanan’s green light, but the New York City skyline instead! Not bad!

Here’s a link with photos to see more! The house is now down to $85 million!


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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

VR is becoming a huge part in real estate where you don’t even have to walk into an actual home! You can put on the headgear, and tour another home while being in your living room! Scary… but it’s what our world is coming to.

I bring it up today because the luxury home builder Toll Brothers has launched a VR app called “Kitchen 360.” You can now view your future kitchen in 360 and choose from many different configurations – swapping out appliances, changing colors, etc!

Check out the full article below!

JtR:  Virtual reality and the 360 tours are great gimmicks, but they aren’t necessarily a good thing for home sellers.  Buyers are looking for any reason NOT to buy, and they can mis-interpret something they see on camera and decide against seeing the house in person – when it could be the right fit.

I don’t recommend the VR/360 tours for houses that aren’t perfect.  But like Kayla said, it is what our world is coming to, so look for mass implementation.

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Trendy Tuesday

The most effective home improvement ever invented was new paint.

The right color can sell the house – choose your paint color with care!

To help search for the right colors for you, use the Visualizer here:

This video has good tips in less than 4 minutes:

Here are dozens of short videos on color:

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Trendy Tuesday by Kayla

I subscribe to Architectural Digest and I absolutely LOVE reading all their articles. I get so many ideas for interior design and it’s a great resource to see all the upcoming trends. It’s also great when you feel like looking at really cool homes all over the world!

Here is the most Instagrammed house in Los Angeles. A lot of brands like to use this home as a backdrop for their look-books. It’s also been used as a filming location for the past few years.

Now, this isn’t the most practical home for a family. It’s multi-level and has more of an artsy/zen-like feel, but that’s normal for Venice!

Here is the article from Architectural Digest:

Here is another link from Image Locations that gives you a better idea about the inside:

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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Smart Phone. Smart Home!

Here’s a good summary of how your phone can help manage your home!

The world is changing drastically before our eyes, especially when it comes to technology. Remember the days of flip phones? Not only do we have cameras and videos now, but we have thousands of apps in the palm of our hands to basically do anything for us – deliver food, order a car, book a hotel, you name it, you can do it!

Home appliances and furniture are now becoming “smart.” I won’t be surprised when all homes have smart features. Here are a few to update your home into a “smart home.”

1. Smart Refrigerator

Samsung has come out with a refrigerator that has what every mother needs! Their family hub refrigerators include a touch screen that shows everyone’s schedule for the week, leave notes, order groceries, and it even plays music!–capacity-counter-depth-4-door-french-door-refrigerator-with-family-hub–2-0-rf23m8590sg-aa/

2. Smart Nightstand

Ikea is one of the first to come out with this but I’m sure many furniture companies will follow their lead. A lot of people don’t like a bunch of wires showing, so this is a great solution – a nightstand that charges your phone wirelessly.

3. Smart Oven

Jenn-Air has a double wall oven that connects to Amazon’s Alexa AND Nest. With Alexa, the chef can make commands to preheat, turn on/off, etc. without touching the buttons with dirty fingers. With Nest, the oven senses the rise in room temperature when cooking food so it brings the temperature down to make being in the kitchen more desirable.

4. Smart Door Knob

Locked yourself out? Baldwin Hardware has solved the problem! Your smart phone becomes your key. All you need to do is approach your door, tap a finger under the keyhole, and the door locks/unlocks. You can also provide family members and friends with an “e-key” so they can have access as well! Then you are able to keep track who comes in and out of your house, with time stamps! (Perfect for high schoolers!)

5. Smart Doorbell

Kids are home alone and the doorbell rings. Sometimes it can be a little scary even for young women! With Ring, you can see who is at the door with your smartphone! It has night vision too!

What more can we look forward to?

Smart building materials. Roof shingles will notify you when there is a leak, drywall that detects moisture, and wood framing that will report termite infestation. John Galante, president of AE Ventures, says this is what we will be seeing in the next decade or so!

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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

What Do You Put Under That Staircase?

Hello again blog readers!

Sometimes a home can lack enough square footage. Home owners start turning attics into bedrooms, windows turn into bookshelves, and the space under the staircase can become anything you want!

Today my Trendy Tuesday is about that dead space underneath your staircase. It can be such an awkward place and many people don’t know what to put there but in reality, you can turn it into something grand! Here are some options:

1. Home Office

With a few vertical shelves and a chair, you have your very own home office!

2. Reading Nook

A lot of people like a cozy spot to curl up with a good book. Why not put it under the stairs with a few throw pillows?

3. Wine Storage

Love to entertain but can’t find a place to put all those wine bottles? Under the stairs would be a great place to show off your nicest bottles! Maybe even add a wet bar!

4. Mini Library

For all you bookworms, here’s a great place to store those great novels. Depending on how big the staircase is, you could probably squeeze a few hundred books!

Here are some great examples on our Pinterest Page!


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Kayla’s Trendy Tuesday

Hello blog readers!

This is Kayla, Jim’s daughter, attempting my first blog post!

What are my interests? I absolutely LOVE interior design and learning about the upcoming trends for homes. Today, I’m going to share the new/current trends when it comes to redesigning a kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where parents make their kids a brown paper bag lunch for school. It’s also where you prepare your Thanksgiving meal. Who wouldn’t want their kitchen to look the part?! Below I included a link to our Pinterest page that gives you ideas for your new look!

Trend #1 – Matte black.

From appliances to faucets, matte black is very timeless and chic. “An object with a matte finish seems to strip away all other distractions such as surface sheen, forcing the form of the object to speak for itself,” says Bobby Berk.

Trend #2 – Cerused Wood.

What the heck is cerused? It means to treat wood with a white pigment to make the grain more noticeable. This actually goes back to the 1600s during Queen Elizabeth I when it was used as a cosmetic – but don’t use it for your skin now, it is extremely toxic! This look was very popular in high-end homes, but now it has become more universal.

Trend #3 – Subway Tiles.

Now, Jim isn’t particularly a fan of subway tiles but I LOVE them! It definitely gives you that “farmhouse” look. It is very affordable, which is probably the main reason why people use this as a backsplash rather than a whole slab of granite or quartz. There are different ways you could use the tiles – horizontal, herringbone, etc! I saw a home in Carlsbad that had subway tiles with dark grout, which is less likely to show dirt aka less cleaning!

Trend #4 – Quartz Counters.

The price of granite slabs and other natural stone have come down enough that going with quartz counters doesn’t save you a ton, but it does give you a high-grade look and is virtually indestructible.  The extending of the counter down the side of a cabinet – know as a waterfall – completes the upscale appearance at a reasonable cost!

Here is a link to examples of each:

I’ve also heard from a reliable source that the monochromatic white/gray look will be on its way out over the next couple of years.  Guess what will be coming back?  Earth tones!

Hope to see you back next week for #trendytuesday!


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