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San Diego County Detached-Homes

Tom asked for some thoughts on the county-wide market!  Though we had a few more listings in 2016 than in recent years, the closed sales were the highest of the last three years – and within 1,000 of the frenzied 2013 total.

San Diego County Detached-Home Listings and Sales

# of Listings
# of Sales
Median LP
Median SP

The SP:LP ratio is down slightly, but for the median sales price to be within 1.6% of the median list price on 23,943 sales is pretty remarkable – especially when the median sales price has risen 23% since 2013!


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Tom T’s Foundation Work

Here’s a look at the construction of Tom Tarrant’s raised foundation for his South Park Spec House in San Diego – coming November 2012.

“We dug the footings with a mini excavator, built the forms with wood, tied in over 4000 feet of rebar and then pumped in 50 yards of 3000 psi concrete. Some of the footings were 6 feet deep to ensure this new house wont slide down the canyon. To see more cool renovations and house flipping, check out my blog!”

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Tom Tarrant on BTR

Thanks to Tom for being on the show – and for everyone who listened!

Some of the highlights:

tj and the bear asked about ballpark costs, and Tom broke his general remodeling expenses per room.

He does the work himself on these rooms:

Kitchens – $10,000 to $12,000

Bathrooms – $2,500

Engineered hardwood floors – $4,000

Work done by contractors:

New 200 amp eletrical service – $5,000

New plumbing – $5,000

Roof – $4,500 to $6,000 (comp shingle)

Jeeman called in and described his struggle to get a reasonable quote for an overall remodel, and we agreed that it is good to get plans done first, then have general contractors gives quotes so you can compare apples for apples.

Tom mentioned several TV shows who have approached him looking to document his ‘team’, and fabricate some drama.  Tom is willing to tell it like it is, but no takers for that package so far.

Tom also said that he sees plenty of deals on the MLS, though it is hotly competitive.  He is a believer in cruising the neighborhoods looking for possibilities, and that the South Park project was a result of such an effort.  He had to drive to Lakeside a few times to track down the owner, but finally prevailed.

The South Park project requires a two-car garage per the city, so the remaining buildable lot only allowed for a 1,350sf house.  Tom changed to a two-story, 2,000sf plan instead, and hopes for a completion date in Fall, 2012.

The Bay Park remodel hasn’t hit any snags, and is a lighter project because no square footage is being added.  We talked about Bay Park being an up-and-comer neighborhood, and that there could be pockets of appreciation in certain areas like it.

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