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Romney On the Move


From the Globe:

Romney, whose last presidential bid was hampered by his image of excessive privilege and insensitivity, may recognize the trouble his real estate holdings could cause in another campaign.

He is taking steps to shed some of his property, including retaining a broker who is currently showing the La Jolla home to potential buyers, according to a Romney aide. The aide would not disclose the asking price or explain why the former Massachusetts governor and his wife, Ann, want to sell the home after more than four years of city permitting, hearings, and construction.

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No Jail Time

She used to read the blog here:

A former ‘Mother of the Year’ who admitted to terrorizing a couple after they outbid her for her dream home has been ordered to keep away from them for 10 years.

Kathy J. Rowe, 53, expressed her regret as she was sentenced in San Diego, California on Friday, where she was also handed down a year of electronic surveillance and five years of probation.

Court records document how Rowe tormented Jerry Rice, 40, and Janice Ruhter, 37, for months after they moved into the home in the upscale neighborhood of Carmel Valley in 2011.

Read story and see a video of the proceeding:

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Kemp to Padres

It’s a slow week for real estate, so let’s mention the biggest news in San Diego today – the Padres made the trade for Matt Kemp:

An excerpt:

Kemp carries significant risk. Over 2012 and 2013, he missed 145 games due to shoulder, hamstring and ankle injuries. Last season, he was moved from center field, struggled in left and eventually settled in right. At the plate, though, he began to recapture his form in the second half, hitting .309 with 17 home runs and 54 RBIs.

He should bring some real chemistry to the clubhouse too.  Remember he was Dodger that was so bent out of shape about Greinke getting his collarbone broken that he went after Carlos Quentin in the tunnel after the game:

kemp quentin

Quentin is on the Padres 2015 roster, and has an option for 2016.  I wonder if they will be rooming together?

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San Diego at Sunrise

Hat tip to BF!

“All the scenes in this video were captured around sunrise over a period of four months, from August to November of 2014. Shot entirely using a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera (1080p, 60fps, Medium FOV) mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.”

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Vacation Rentals

short term rentals

The coastal markets are for the affluent, and the supply is shaping itself to the demand.  We are seeing wholesale changes in places like downtown Carlsbad, where the quaint older homes and businesses are being bulldozed for redevelopment, mostly for higher-end condos.

Another change is how Airbnb and has fueled a cottage industry of short-term rentals.  Properties that made no sense as monthly rentals are now catering to tourists and other short-termers to pick up more income.

There will be some turbulence along the way, but vacation rentals are here to stay.  There aren’t enough hotels to satisfy the demand (LINK), and if you don’t mind the additional hassles, the short-term rentals can be very lucrative.  Now a city councilman in Los Angeles thinks he needs to regulate it (H/T daytrip):

An excerpt:

“Commercial ventures have purchased large numbers of rental units or even entire apartment buildings and converted them into de facto hotels, reducing and threatening the city’s stock of rental housing and affordable housing, and that is wrong,” Bonin said.

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Neighbor Check

Here’s a new service for those within the San Diego city limits – you can check for permits/complaints/violations online:

The scope of the data published exceeds that of any other city. The breadth of the release is intended to cover land development permit application, issuance, inspection, and completion. A variety of information including timelines, scope, decisions, and costs will all be provided online. In addition, Code Enforcement case activity is also provided. This data includes permit information dating back to 2003 as well as code enforcement cases since 2011. Personal identifying information such as phone numbers about individuals doing business with the City is not provided.

chicken coup

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Real Estate Entertainment

Rowhouse Showdown

For some, real estate TV is the ultimate in ego gratification.

An excerpt:

Are you struggling to sell your house? Did you have a renovation nightmare? Does your dwelling have its own story to tell?

If so, you might be a candidate for help from a television home show.

But it’s not easy. “We are inundated with people wanting to be on our shows,” said Allison Page, general manager for HGTV and the DIY Network. It’s not unusual, she said, to sift through 100 or so applications a week.

And why are so many folks clamoring for a shot to be on a show? Some of the shows pay for the labor and materials that go into improvements, some simply offer free publicity and the vaunted 15 minutes of fame, but simple house pride explains the motivation for many wannabe guests.

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