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Carlsbad to Las Vegas


What happens in Las Vegas will soon be able to start at San Diego County’s McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad.

County of San Diego, Elite Airways and Cal Jet Air officials announced Wednesday at McClellan-Palomar that “Cal Jet by Elite Airways” plans to start flying commercial flights twice a day between the airport and Las Vegas starting Sept. 28.

The airline has already started taking reservations for tickets on its website.

County officials said Cal Jet by Elite Airways plans to operate a single Bombardier CRJ700 jet, which has 64 seats, from McClellan-Palomar.

The flights will allow local residents a way to comfortably fly without having to drive downtown to San Diego International Airport, and become the first commercial air service at McClellan-Palomar since 2015.

McClellan-Palomar is one of eight airports operated by the County of San Diego’s Department of Public Works and the only one that offers commercial flights for county residents. Like all other commercial airports, passengers at McClellan-Palomar must check in for flights and be screened by federal Transportation Security Administration agents. However, because McClellan-Palomar is a smaller airport, passengers can escape the traffic, expensive parking and long security lines at other major airports.

The County has made several improvements at McClellan-Palomar in recent years, including a $24 million renovation in 2009 that added a modernized, 18,000- square-foot terminal, parking and a restaurant, “The Landings.”

Parking at McClellan-Palomar is $5 a day.

For more information or to book flights, go to Cal Jet by Elite Airways website.

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The Rising Tide

Climate change has been hotly contested, and who knows what the eventual outcome will be.  It’s unlikely that we will have to worry about any possible effects, but your kids might – and look out Mission Beach!  Hat tip daytrip!

As glaciers melt amid the heat of a warming planet, scientists predict that coastal communities in the United States could eventually experience flooding from higher tides.

Conservative estimates range from an increase of about one to four feet in sea-level rise by the end of the century. Experts also warn that people should be prepared for unlikely but extreme scenarios of up to eight feet in sea-level rise, which would cause severe and chronic flooding in hundreds of coastal cities.

Grappling with this problem would be expensive for local governments. Anticipating the costly possibility, the city of Imperial Beach and the counties of Marin and San Mateo last week filed potentially groundbreaking lawsuits to push large oil and coal companies to foot the bill.

According to scientists, sea-level rise is underway in some seaside neighborhoods and comes on top of the potential for large storms to intensify because of climate change. Cities along the East Coast — such as Miami, Boston and Charleston, S.C. — face the greatest risk, but flooding is also projected to harm much of San Diego County’s coastline in the coming decades.

The major questions currently are: How much flooding will vulnerable cities experience, and how fast?

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Answers for the Homeless

Bye-bye Chargers – let’s turn their practice field into a homeless camp!


SAN DIEGO (KGTV)–Creating a quick, temporary respite for San Diego’s homeless population at Qualcomm Stadium was at the forefront of today’s meeting of the San Diego City Council’s Select Committee on Homelessness.

Committee chair and City Councilmember Christopher Ward, who represents the third district, presented options including:

  • Temporary housing at Golden Hall downtown
  • Temporary housing at Qualcomm Stadium practice field
  • Expanding outreach efforts
  • Creating more places in city-controlled facilities where people who live in their cars can spend the night

“One of the big barriers people have from getting off the streets today is that their stuff is on the streets,” Ward said. “So trying to go interview with the Housing Council or seek health assistance or do a job interview, they don’t want to leave their stuff. We don’t have enough storage and that’s something the city can provide.”


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Point Loma Sailing

We have a busy family like everyone else….so busy that the only time this summer the four of us could get together was one afternoon last week, so we went sailing off Shelter Island for $89 per person at  Here are photos:

I always figured the sub base would be a super-sophisticated security zone.  It looks like a dock, a floating fence, and a couple of flags from here:

The skipper said they are burying the nuclear waste from the aircraft carriers and subs here:

We all know about the Old Point Loma Lighthouse on top of the hill, but this is the Coast Guard’s newer lighthouse at the more-appropriate sea-level location at the southern tip of Point Loma:

North Island is a very active Navy base:

This was docked for a few hours and then poof, it was gone:

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Carlsbad/Oceanside in 1908

Oceanside was developed much earlier than Carlsbad – the black dots above are the existing buildings in 1908.  The Mission San Luis Rey should be the dot right under the O in PROFESSIONAL PAPER at the top right.

Here is a link to the full map document:


Oceanside goes back to the 1800’s:


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Del Mar Castle

The Del Mar Castle which sits on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and the community of Del Mar was built in 1925 by Ruth and Marston Harding who relocated from Massachusetts. The Castle contains approximately 10,000 sq. ft. including a detached guest house. It was designed by famous local architect Richard Requa who went to Europe to study the best design and returned with authentic stained glass, doors and hardware from castles in the south of Spain.

Tony Robbins bought the Castle in 1987, and sold it for $2,100,000 in 1997.


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