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Footy McFooty Face

The potential “SoccerCity” development on the site of Qualcomm Stadium has ignited a storm of renderings and fan discussion on whether an MLS team in San Diego can work as a replacement to the departed Chargers football team.

The development by the group promises to construct a 30,000-seat stadium to house a MLS team and San Diego State University sports events, about 5,000 public and student residential units, office and retail space, about 18,000 parking spaces, and development of parkland, including the San Diego River Park.

SDSU is looking into its own options for developing the site as well. The school has said they are in talks with multiple parties interested in developing the Mission Valley site, but have not made any commitments to partner with any specific party at this time.

Voting is underway on Facebook, and here, for a potential name for a San Diego MLS team, with “Footy McFooty Face” leading by a large margin.

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Dog Beach Resort

Congrats to Brian who has had the middle parcel listed for sale since 2007!

Hat tip Richard:

One of San Diego’s most popular beaches could soon be getting a luxury resort.

Two Encinitas based companies specializing in hospitality development – The Robert Green Company and Zephyr – acquired a 16 acres oceanfront parcel in Del Mar, just north of Dog Beach.

They plan to build a luxury resort, and want input from the public.

“What we’re really doing is announcing a process where we go out and hold a series of community meetings to really define what the plan is,” said Brad Termini, CEO of Zephyr.

Termini said he and Robert Green, of The Robert Green Company, have been working to acquire the site for over a year.

“There actually are eight parcels here, owned by three different local families that have owned this land for a very long time,” Termini said.

The land sits north of Del Mar’s popular Dog Beach, south of Solana Beach, and west of the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

“It’s essentially a large triangular-shaped property and because of its shape it creates spectacular views in multiple directions,” said Robert Green, President and CEO of the Robert Green Company.

According to Zephyr and The Robert Green Company, plans are not finalized, but include a luxury resort, branded resort villas, restaurants and meeting space.

Both Green and Termini are local San Diegans. Termini lives a quarter-mile from the site and Green was born and raised in San Diego.

Termini said he’s been walking by the site for years with his dog, just looking at this site and thinking about what he could build there.

He and Green plan to hold a series of public meetings to get input from the public before starting to build.

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San Diego County Sales – January

Thanks to the people who sent in the articles on U.S. existing-home sales in January being the best in ten years.  How did we do locally?

We saw that detached-home sales between La Jolla and Carlsbad were about the same as recent Januarys:

NSDCC January Sales

Number of Sales
Median SP

Here are the detached-home sales for the entire county – best since 2013!

San Diego County January Sales

Number of Sales
Median SP

Rates are higher, prices are sky-high, and uncertainty is everywhere. How can the housing market be so vibrant?

I think both supply and demand are affected by the Hunker-Down effect.

Current baby-boomer households have already moved up a couple of times and are satisfied with what they have – and don’t want to rock the boat.

Buyers want to hurry up and buy before anything else goes wrong!


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Traffic Report

Would you let traffic dictate where you live?

And the freeway bridges are just the beginning. The $700 million Phase 1 work will include:

? Adding a single carpool lane in each direction by cutting into the freeway median from Lomas Santa Fe Drive in Solana Beach to state Route 78 in Oceanside.

? Replacing single-track wooden railroad trestles across the San Elijo and Batiquitos lagoons with double-tracked, concrete bridges.

? Building bicycle and pedestrian bridges and connected trails, as well as a wide range of wetlands and lagoon restoration projects.

All of the Phase 1 construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. The price tag includes $480 million for the highway improvements, $140 million for railway improvements and $80 million for environmental work.

Doing the work all together minimizes the disruption to travelers and the environment, said Allan Kosup, director of the North Coast Corridor for Caltrans. Also, it allows the coordination of large projects with small ones.

“It’s a holistic approach,” Kosup said. “In doing so, you are finding once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. A perfect example is the bike and pedestrian bridges.”

Commuters, however, are certain to feel some pain before they see the gain.

Though most of the work requiring lane closures will be done at night, Kosup said, any large construction project along the freeway causes disruptions.

“Anytime we are doing that amount of construction, people slow down,” Kosup said, adding that even during the day drivers sometimes hit the brakes just to look at the work under way.

The freeway between La Jolla and Oceanside carries an average of more than 700,000 vehicle trips a day, according to SANDAG. Growth forecasts vary, but the county’s population has more than doubled since the freeway was built, and traffic is certain to increase in the decades ahead.

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