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43% Can’t Afford California

Those boomer liquidations can’t be far off:

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A new poll has found nearly half of California voters believe they can’t afford to live in the state.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday reports that 43 percent of California voters said they can’t afford to live there. That number was driven by younger voters: 61 percent of voters age 18 to 34 said they can’t afford to live in California.

“For many Californians, life is less than golden in the Golden State,” the release quotes Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll.

Surging housing prices in California led CALmatters to report that the state was the poorest in the country in 2017. The organization reported then that 20 percent of the state’s population struggled to make ends meet.

This week, the San Diego City Council said the city will stop punishing people for living in their vehicles. It’s a move toward more constructive policies on homelessness, advocates said.

“It’s certainly not a permanent solution to the crisis that we are facing,” City Councilman Mark Kersey told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “But 100 percent of the time, I’d rather have someone sleeping in a car than on the sidewalk.”

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App for Beach Access

YourCoast shows users a map of 1,563 access points that the commission tracks along the California coast. Historically, this information has been available in California Coastal Access Guide books published every few years. In recent years (as a byproduct of the punitive Parker app development process), it has also been available on the commission’s website.

Click on a particular access point and the app shows photos of the path to the beach — which can often be hard to find — and whether there are amenities such as parking, access for disabled visitors (with information on how to procure a beach wheelchair), restrooms or fishing facilities.

Users can also search for beaches with specific amenities and submit updated photos or report a violation to the commission. If visiting a remote stretch of coast, users can save the map and info on their phone for offline access.

The app marks as closed access points that are currently under dispute — and some remain unlisted. The commission is now tussling over access to 8.5 miles of coastline at Hollister Ranch in Santa Barbara County, and a number of access points in Malibu are notoriously contentious. Another tech billionaire, Vinod Khosla, has fought coastal officials for almost a decade over access to Martins Beach, a secluded stretch of sand south of Half Moon Bay. Hollister Ranch is not listed in the app; Martins Beach is marked “currently closed.”

Jennifer Savage, California policy manager for the Surfrider Foundation, said an app like this could empower more people to explore more of California’s coastline.

“There are so many places that aren’t obvious, and that’s a huge problem,” she said. “Having an app that just spells everything out is so reassuring, it makes you so much more confident that you’re in the right place.”

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Coronado Bridge Construction

For those who get a little queasy while driving over the Coronado Bridge, looking at these photos from its construction might help:

One of the comments – Beautiful pictures –thank you. For those of us who lived “State-side” and had to commute to jobs on North Island via monotonous ferry or long Silver Strand drive, we were thrilled to watch this beautiful bridge take shape. A little note for those wondering why the long, sweeping arch: the bridge had to be high enough for Navy ships to pass under it. A straight line from San Diego to Coronado would not allow for enough height; the roadway would simply be too steep at both ends. The long, sweeping arch shape allowed for enough roadway distance to get to the required height with a reasonable grade. Nice. It added greatly to the aesthetics. While many residents of Coronado were not happy, most San Diegans were thrilled and still are to have this beautiful bridge.

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Leucadia Beachfront Hotel

From the UT with hat tip to WC Varones (JMI = John Moores, ex-Padres owner):

Developers have finally started construction activity this week on a Leucadia bluff-top hotel project that’s been talked about for decades.

Located just west of La Costa Avenue’s intersection with Coast Highway 101 and part of a site that once contained the Cabo Grill, the 4.3-acre property will become home to a $110 million, 130-room hotel. The luxury hotel, which will have ocean views from all but two of its guest rooms, is scheduled to open for business in November 2020.

Fenway Capital purchased the property about 13 months ago and is working jointly with JMI Realty to develop the land, which was once owned by KSL Resorts, Jackel said. Long ago, this property was envisioned as a companion property — kind of a “beach club” — to the La Costa Resort & Spa just east of El Camino Real, he added.

People passing the site initially will notice little more than new fencing, construction trailers and some surveying work. But at the end of January, a hotel project-funded sand replenishment will start on the beach below the bluff. Contractors will be adding 45,000 cubic yards of sand to the beach between late January and the end of February.

A public staircase in the area will remain and a new beach access pathway will be added from La Costa Avenue as part of the hotel development, Jackel said. The new pathway is scheduled to open just before the start of summer in 2020, a construction timeline indicates.

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Family-Friendly States

Source: WalletHub

California is #19, and Minnesota is #1?

I’d like a recount!

Being dead last in housing affordability probably sunk us.

To determine the best states in which to put down family roots, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 49 key indicators of family-friendliness.

The data set ranges from median family salary to housing affordability to unemployment rate.

Raising a Family in California (1=Best; 25=Avg.):

  • 5th – % of Families with Young Kids
  • 46th – Child-Care Costs (Adjusted for Median Family Income)
  • 5th – Infant-Mortality Rate
  • 49th – Median Family Salary (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 36th – Violent-Crime Rate
  • 34th – % of Families in Poverty
  • 50th – Housing Affordability
  • 38th – Unemployment Rate
  • 15th – Separation & Divorce Rate

For the full report, please visit:

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