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La Costa Film Festival

Some of us nobodys who hope to be in a film festival someday will appreciate this weekend’s La Costa Film Festival, which is underway:

It looks like a great collection of films, and The Signal Hill Speed Run is my favorite so far – here is the trailer:

Movies are being shown at the Omni Resort, Cinepolis, and the Dove Library, so you can’t help but find one you like.  There will also be panel discussions and a tribute to Ed Harris, who will be there on Friday night!

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Petco Seats

The two tickets to see Sir Paul at Petco Park are in Field Box 112, Row 11, where this photo was taken – the stage will be in center field.  The winners will be sitting above the people on the field, and about eye level with Paul!

Petco Row 11

Two other photos taken yesterday – this at Scripps Poway and I-15 at 3:30pm:

105 degrees

The monsoon that hit Sorrento Valley around 5:30pm:

monsoon double rainbow

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Paul McCartney

To help build the Jim’s Club membership, we’re having a drawing for two tickets to the Paul McCartney show at Petco Park!

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Carlsbad’s Downtown Plan


From the

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad is set to host a series of events beginning Wednesday asking the public to share their ideas for future development in the Village and Barrio neighborhoods.

The city is preparing a new master plan for the downtown area that will set guidelines for development. Officials said they hope the master plan will connect business, entertainment and residential districts into one comprehensive area. The Village and Barrio are Carlsbad’s oldest neighborhoods, located along the coast between the Buena Vista Lagoon and Tamarack Avenue and come together along Oak Avenue.

Earlier this year, the city hired Dover, Kohl & Partners, a Florida-based firm, to draft the plan.

The firm will hold several events over the coming week, including two hands-on design sessions, walk-in technical meetings with the design team, an open house and a work-in-progress presentation.

“We’re reaching out very broadly and inviting everyone to come,” said Jason King, senior project director with the firm.

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Be Prepared

Disaster ready

Thanks daytrip!

Tucked beneath green tennis courts in a hidden corner of Bel Air Crest, a 10-by-20 shed holds enough emergency equipment to stock a small hardware store — a 13,000-watt tri-fuel generator, a satellite phone and neatly organized boxes of medical supplies.

And then there’s the eight portable toilets with pop-up privacy tents.

“You can’t have 1,500 people not able to go to the bathroom,” said Marsha Hierbaum, president of the Bel Air Crest Homeowners Assn.

The shed represents one piece of a years-long effort to ensure all residents of this gated community are ready when the “Big One” hits. In a city populated by people expecting — but many ill-prepared to handle — a major earthquake, it is the affluent and organized hillside neighborhoods that have taken emergency preparedness to the extreme. A 6.0-magnitude earthquake that rumbled through Napa last month underscored for some how important their effort is.

Local residents have long understood that living on winding, narrow roads means they could be on their own when disaster strikes. So they have taken safety into their own hands.

Although Bel Air Crest has fewer than 300 homes, the homeowners association has spent about $50,000 on emergency supplies and equipment over the last three years, including the purchase of a 2,000-gallon water truck. A core group of about a dozen nearby Bel Air Ridge residents has met monthly for more than 20 years to discuss emergency response. And leaders in Beverly Glen recently installed a repeater in a resident’s backyard to help ensure their hand-held radio system will work up and down the neighborhood’s canyons.

First responders “won’t get to us,” Bel Air Crest Operations Manager Rick Cole said. “My board of directors was wise enough to set aside some money each year, and we slowly built up this inventory of supplies so we would be self-reliant.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team program advises locals to store enough food and water to last at least three days after a disaster. Depending on the scale and location of the damage, fire officials say, the wait for help could be even longer.

Read full article here:

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La Jolla MCM

MCM La Jolla

Check out the exhibit in La Jolla on the local mid-century moderns – this is the last weekend!

La Jolla (pronounced “La Hoya” for the non locals and non-hispanically inclined) is a small, exclusive resort town just north of downtown San Diego. As far as architecture goes, it’s long been known for its late 19th and early 20th century traditional, craftsman-style beach cottages. But La Jolla was also fertile ground for modernism beginning even in the 1920s. The post-war period was an especially prolific time in La Jolla, and a small group of architects, artists, and craftsmen made a significant impact on the community with their contributions. These contributions have been largely overlooked until now.

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Thank You Ben!

Ben at HousingTracker has called it quits:

Update 8/25/2014: It’s been 9 years since I started HousingTracker as a personal project to try to gain insight into rapidly changing home prices during the housing bubble. There wasn’t nearly as much data available then as there is now, and I was happy to make a very small contribution towards improving that situation. In 2014 there is a lot more data available and most of that data is better than what I can provide — especially considering recent challenges of maintaining data quality. As such, I’ve decided to end the HousingTracker project.

If you’re looking for asking price and inventory data, my favorite source is Zillow’s data page specifically the For-sale inventory (raw) csv and the Median list price csv. It’s not quite as timely as HousingTracker data, but it has broader coverage and is likely more accurate.

Thanks for visiting!

Unfortunately the little guys – those who have the best local insights – are giving way to the corporate behemoths.  Others who have stopped their personal internet projects include OC Renter, Schahrzad, and Kris Berg, and I haven’t seen any new ones taking their place.

It seems inevitable that we will led around by the economists and corporate CEOs, and getting fed those vague national and statewide statistics that don’t help much at the local level.  If anyone is thinking of starting a local blog, now would be a great time!

Here’s the latest from Ben regarding the San Diego market:


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