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Category Archive: ‘Local Flavor’

Carlsbad Mall Gets Upgrades


CARLSBAD — The purge has begun.

Major renovations at The Shoppes at Carlsbad commenced recently as part of Rouse Properties’ plan to revitalize and ignite the North County shopping community.

Although details of the cost were not disclosed, Rouse CEO Brian Harper said the company is investing “several, several, several millions” into the dilapidated building. Rouse was bought by Brookfield Asset Management earlier this year, but operates independently. Rouse is based in New York City.

The project is a multi-phased upgrade and will include streetscaping, new skylights, and updated exterior and interior, floors, ceilings and lighting and gathering spaces inside and outdoors. Renovations are expected to in fall 2018.

The previous owner, Westfield, announced several years ago a $300 million upgrade to the mall. However, after extending the facility to include a Regal movie theater and 24-Hour Fitness center, the Australian-based company sold the property to Rouse.

Harper, though, was delighted to land the mall, which he said will become a “diamond” in North County.

“We did a lot of consumer intercept studies and what the citizens of Carlsbad wanted to see,” he explained. “We studied the market, looked up and down the coast … and spent a lot of time in San Diego. We really let the beautiful city of Carlsbad inspire us and that’s when the vision popped in to transpire the end result.”

And while construction just began, Harper said Pizza Press opens next month, while Dave & Buster’s opens in January 2017.

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RSF Fiber


Those who are considering a move to Rancho Santa Fe should read this article – and especially the comments at the bottom:

The RSF real estate struggle (232 active listings, 21 sold last month) is compounded by the newer communities surrounding the Ranch that have natural gas and sewer, and where you don’t have to grapple with maintaining 2+ acres.  Additionally, having modern conveniences like grocery stores and internet makes a difference for home buyers!

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Chargers Sales Pitch

The Chargers are going to go through the motions of supporting a downtown stadium, but the way it unfolded probably tells the real story.

They stated their commitment to a downtown project on the same day that they secured an option to move to Los Angeles, which means if you don’t vote for their plan, they will leave.

Here is Dan Fouts narrating their sales pitch:

The funding plan for the project will go before voters in November. It calls for an increase in the city’s hotel room tax along with contributions from the Chargers and National Football League.

“This project would not impose any new taxes on San Diego citizens,” Fouts said in the narration.

“Instead, it would be paid for by tourists, convention-goers and out-of-town business people staying at local hotels,” he said. “What could be sweeter than Raiders, Broncos and Patriots fans all helping pay for the project when they pay their hotel bill?’

Because of the tax hike, the project will require the Chargers’ initiative to gain two-thirds voter support in the election.

“It’s been heartwarming to see how many people have embraced our vision for downtown,” team Chairman Dean Spanos said at the end of the video.

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Mid-Coast Trolley


I have a new listing in La Paz, which is part of La Jolla Colony:

The new Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project is underway, which is bringing the trolley from downtown San Diego to the UTC region – which should be beneficial for those wanting an alternative!  It would be natural to follow the existing train tracks, but instead they are forging a new route.

SANDAG did a nice intro video on the new path:

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Carlsbad, CA


A great summary on why Carlsbad is so desirable!

Carlsbad, California, is on fire, and we don’t mean the chaparral brush fires to the east. The City is becoming like a mini-Silicon Valley to the south, without the hassles and with better surfing. Certainly, it’s the high-tech, biotech, action sports center of San Diego. Intellectual Capital recently made a cool aerial reconnaissance with Icon Helicopters lifting off from Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar Airport, which itself is expanding quickly, working as a smooth hub to connect Carlsbad to LA, San Francisco, and the great beyond.

As soon as we were airborne, I was struck by the dozens of labs, research buildings, and corporate headquarters below, rivaling La Jolla’s Mesa or even Menlo on a smaller scale. Carlsbad is now home to 1/4 of all the biotech in San Diego County (which itself now rivals Cambridge and San Francisco,) from startups like Koliber (gene-tricked tryptophan) to major companies such as Genoptix (cancer diagnostics,) ThermoFisherScientific (the picks and shovels of the industry doing $17 billion in sales annually,) and Ionis Pharmaceuticals (curing disease by killing the RNA messenger.)

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