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I love this idea – but $140,000 each? Hat tip Eddie89!

The region’s first housing project made from shipping containers could open as soon as April, providing homes for 21 formerly homeless veterans and possibly paving the way for hundreds of new affordable and median-priced homes in the near future.

The units are planned for a vacant lot at 2941 Imperial Ave. in Logan Heights.  Each 320-square-foot unit would have its own patio, kitchen and bathroom. While the units will be built from metal shipping containers, they will be insulated and have interior drywalls.

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Extreme Sailing Oct 18-21

With the racing taking place just five metres from the shore of Harbor Island, the man-made peninsula located close to Downtown San Diego, the Series looks set to make a show-stopping return to the Americas for the penultimate Act. Enjoying a very temperate climate, the Californian city of San Diego sees consistent breezes, making it a favorite sailing spot for California and the rest of the west coast.

The eighth-largest city in the US, San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and pristine beaches as well its plethora of entertainment. Take in the ocean views at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, try out the outstanding Mexican food, visit one of the many great surf spots, or take a trip to one of the numerous museums, zoos or theme parks.

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Palomar Airport Extension Approved

Wondering what the Boeing 737 airplane needs for a runway? 

The minimum runway distance for a 737 is 6,800ft.  This proposal only extends the current runway to 5,697ft.

The article:

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Wednesdsay to approve a new 20-year master plan for the McClellan-Palomar Airport. Supervisor Kristin Gaspar recused herself.

Part of the update includes extending the existing runway up to 800 feet. The county of San Diego said this would allow airplanes to reach the East Coast, Europe and China without having to refuel.

People living in the area are concerned that a longer runway could mean a lot of noisy planes — but Supervisor Bill Horn, who is also a pilot, said technology is helping fix that.

“Those airplanes are a lot quieter than the old stuff,” Horn said. “And that’s just going to improve the noise issue.”

A report from county staff said a longer runway would mean airplanes are able to increase elevation sooner after takeoff which could also reduce noise on the ground.

An economic analysis shows that by 2030 the Palomar airport could support more than 4,500 jobs and provide $33 million in state and local tax revenue. The runway extension project is expected to take 13 to 20 years to complete, depending on available funding.

The airport is constructed over portions of an inactive landfill, and stakeholders commented that runway extensions constructed over landfill areas could damage the methane collection system and impact the environment. Prior to construction of any improvements on the landfill, the methane collection system will be re-designed to accommodate the improvements.

Any runway extension that requires construction over areas of inactive landfill may not be fully eligible for the FAA’s usual 90% grant share since FAA has indicated they may be reluctant to fund projects that result from the County’s placement of the landfills.

Link to KPBS article

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Purple Church

OK, now this gentrification stuff has gone too far. Hat tip Laker Joe!

Gentrification has accomplished what eluded city bureaucrats for decades.

Oceanside’s Main Attraction, North County’s only remaining topless club, is going away. A five-story 308-unit, apartment complex is proposed as its replacement.

Known to locals as “the purple church,” the Main Attraction bar and restaurant hosts between eight to 20 ladies a night who dance on stage around a brass pole while a DJ spins “Cherry Pie” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Admission is $11 every night after 6 pm but $14 for the once-a-month “amateur night.” Dancers are topless but never fully nude. Once inside, patrons are frequently asked if they would to pay extra for a private lap dance.

“It is my understanding this property is being sold to a developer,” says former mayor Terry Johnson who adds that getting the topless bar off that city entryway will be good for the whole street. “I am sure things will now start moving with the [long closed] Bridge Motor Inn property [to the north]. They can now get a Hilton or Marriott to come in. And things will start moving with the Motel Six property and the vacant Mira Mar building to the south.”

Link to Full Article

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La Jolla Art & Wine Festival

What: The La Jolla Art & Wine Festival

Where: Girard Ave, La Jolla

When: Saturday, October 6, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, October 7, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Why: To bring our artists’ roots back to La Jolla, to celebrate our wonderful community, and to raise money for underfunded programs such as art, music, science, physical education, and technology, at the local public elementary and middle schools.

Cost: FREE!

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Ponto’s Last Stand

From the Reader:

Pressure to develop a project on one of North County’s last, large coastal properties may be coming to a head, but not if the residents in the South Carlsbad community of Ponto have anything to say about it.

So far, members of a neighborhood association, People for Ponto, say they’ve been shut out of the decade-long discussions on the best use for the 11-acre property between Carlsbad Boulevard (Coast Highway 101) east to the train tracks, and north of Avenida Encinas.

A spokesperson for the group, Lance Schulte, was a city planner when Carlsbad’s growth management plan was created. “I’m not anti-development,” he said. However the group believes this is the most intensive development, existing or proposed, in the entire city of Carlsbad.

Based on a planning formula known as floor area ratio, the proposed residential development is 344 percent more dense than the Cape Rey Hilton Resort near by. “It would also be five feet taller,” said Schulte.

“The city has falsely exempted development in Ponto from providing minimum open space,” said Schulte. “We don’t know how this happened and how developers got away with this.”

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Carlsbad Population Growth

For those who wonder what has been propelling the housing market lately, let’s note that people keep moving here – an average of 1,500 per year moved to Carlsbad over the last nine years!

The City of Carlsbad shows the current population to be between 110,000 and 113,000 people today.  When fully built out in 2035, the general plan calls for approximately 135,000 people:

I hope those extra 20,000+ people bring the big money!

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