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Category Archive: ‘Bubbleinfo TV’

Kayla’s Korner

2014-07-27 11.35.32

With all the merger hubbub, let’s keep an eye on the Zillow stats.

No MLS input yet of this house - just a Zillow ad plus open house signs were used to publicize my listing in South Carlsbad today.

I inputted the Zillow data and photos on Friday at 6:30pm.

Here are their counts of the number of views on Zillow:

Fri 11:10pm – 40 views

Sat 6:45am – 63 views

Sun 7:30am – 222 views

Sun 7:00pm – 335 views

There probably aren’t many agents in that count either.

We had over 50 people attend the open house, and four mentioned that they saw it on Zillow – and there were probably more.  Zillow could be a deterrent in this case, because it shows that the house was just purchased in March for less.  But they still came.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from open house!

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Del Mar Terrace


You could make a case that Del Mar Terrace is under-valued, compared to the rest of Del Mar.  The views are bigger due to fewer trees, and you can get to the freeway or beach in five minutes – how many places can say that?

Ken Rochetti was the architect of the featured home above, and quite a few others in the north coastal region – here’s one on Whale Watch in La Jolla with some trick drone work:

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Open House Report

2014-07-06 14.08.31

I think it’s going to get harder for casual observers to navigate this market.  Not only have there not been many comps, but the list feels like it is dwindling.  It causes buyers to want to hedge but it also gives sellers permission to reach for the stars.

Those who actually do move have to really want it.

Like Rob Dawg said the other day:

I suspect the pool of “needing to sell” is depleted and the pool of “reallly wanting to buy” is shallow.  As much as I hate the term, plateau seems to be the way forward.  That said, I expect a modest decline in headline prices; median and average but not because of weakness but because of sharper analysis of the products available.

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Encinitas New Listing


There is a chance that disruption could be upon us.

Reader Booty Juice said today said that since he bought his house 30 years ago, the transaction process hasn’t changed a bit.  It hasn’t – sellers still pay a full commission for two agents to figure out how to get to the finish line.

Is it possible that Zillow could make the MLS obsolete, and cause a sea change in how real estate is sold?

Let’s test it every chance we get.

I inputted a ‘Coming Soon’ listing this morning, and it has had 162 views in the first 12 hours - most of which were probably buyers, not agents.

The new Paragon MLS allegedly has a listing counter too.  I’m inputting the new listing now, and will try to track how many views happen through the MLS.  My guess is that Zillow views will exceed the MLS.

Here’s how it looks on video:

Open Tuesday 4-6pm, and Wednesday 10-12:30 and 4-6pm!

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riding the range

I grew up on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, not far from Taliesin West.  Back in the 1970s, it was still wide open desert all the way to Reata Pass, a steak house where they cut your tie off – it was a real cowboy existence.

Even though I’m a city slicker now, those roots had me appreciate this:

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