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Goodbye ’66

I sold the truck.

It was about a year ago when the steering gave out, and it took me this long to get it fixed. The mechanic told me to spend some real time and money to upgrade it while it was still salvageable, or sell it to somebody who would.

So I replaced the rims and tires, added a new steering wheel, and finished it off with my Raider paint job:

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Torrey Pines Paragliding

Those who took in the pro golf and spectacular weather at Torrey Pines today also saw a number of paragliders in the background.  It reminded me of our reader Murph checking out the bluff-front houses:

Here’s how he described his close calls:

During my “formative” flying days (about 3 years ago) I had quite a reputation at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Some of my hair-raising moments included……..

**I was losing lift and trying to make it back to the gliderport, but could not make it so I had to land at Black’s beach. This is rather routine as you just aim for a dry section of sand. Well, as I was rounding a bend and setting up for a final *flare* to land I realized that it was high tide and that particular section of beach did not exist anymore! I landed in 4 feet of water and began a mad panic to unclip my gear before the waves sucked me and my wing back out to sea.

Never have I been so happy to see a middle aged nude guy, as he raced into the surf and held onto my paraglider so I could extricate myself!

**Once while flying over the Torrey Pines Reserve area the wind got too strong and I landed traveling BACKWARDS on the north side of Torrey Pines Rd with my wing draped over a tree. The lifeguards showed up and left when I told them I was uninjured. 15 minutes later I started hearing lots of sirens. They started getting louder and before I knew it there were 4 emergency vehicles there. I told them I was okay so they all left….including a hook and ladder truck that COULD HAVE helped me get my wing out of the tree, but hey…I was alive AND unhurt so no worries here!

** My alternative landing stories also include one where I was trying to fly with the big-boys above Scripps aquarium. In my attempt to make it back to the lift-band along the cliffs I sunk-out and had to land right on La Jolla Shores Dr. Fortunately for me a construction truck not only yielded, but even gave me a ride back to the gliderport!

Luckily I have never hurt myself or anyone else. Torrey Pines is actually a very safe paragliding site……as long as you stay within your comfort zone and fly smart.  The more I fly the more conservative I get. My library of noteworthy “stories” has not expanded in the last couple years.

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Kayla’s Open House Report

Mortgage rates went up 0.25% this week, which means someone who is borrowing $750,000 will be looking at an extra $109 per month.

To put it in perspective, the payment goes up from $3,581 to $3,690. If that’s comfortable payment, the extra bump isn’t that big of a deal.

Rates going up to 4.50% probably won’t be either.

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