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Back in the REO Days

The old videos have been stored away, but every once in a while there is a reason to go back and find something special.  This wasn’t it, but it was probably the closest to the beach of any REO that I sold.

This REO garnered four offers when it hit the open market in January, 2010. The first one bailed due to the bank’s requirement to waive the appraisal contingency, so the second buyer got it! Two years later he sold for $595,000, and then just 15 months later it sold for $770,000.

Back in 2004 it had sold for $735,000.

The Red team is valuating it at over $1,000,000 today.

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Carlsbad Townhouse For Sale $569,000

Here’s a video tour of our new listing at 4150 Karst Rd., which is a 3 br/2.5 ba, 1,390sf townhouse with stainless/granite kitchen, 2-car attached garage, central A/C – plus a view of the Lake Calavera Preserve, the largest of Carlsbad’s managed nature preserves.  There are six miles of trails for hiking, biking, and your dogs (on leash only).

Kayla and I will be there for open house on Saturday, 12-3pm!

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Most Expensive Homes of 2017

Saw this at the VOSD, and it reminded me of these short clips:

The U-T tracked down the most and least expensive homes sold in the county last year. The cheapest was in Jacumba, which was in bad shape and went for just $27,000: “One room on the property included old laundry, broken computers and abandoned Christmas decorations.”

And the priciest was in La Jolla. It went for a cool $12 million.

Zillow listing with photos

The story also included the accidental flip…of a RSF spec:

One of the most expensive homes to sell last year, 16568 La Gracia in Rancho Santa Fe, sold twice. Real estate agent Megan Luce said her clients bought the property in April but realized they weren’t there as much as their other properties so they decided to sell.

“I couldn’t believe they were selling so soon,” she said. “But, the property is breathtaking and I was excited to go into it again.”

Luce did not want to give the buyers’ names, and it is unclear from property records who they were. The home was purchased by Florida-based limited liability company, Covenant RJC, in April for $10.6 million. It was then sold to the Greenfield Trust out of Washington state for $10.85 million in December.

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Dawg Tour

A video tour of affluence – three shopping centers in full-upgrade mode, plus more on the new homes around Carmel Valley this year. With this much action, it is hard to believe we’ll have any trouble selling the limited amount of homes for sale in 2018 – as long as the kooks don’t nuke!

Here’s the video tour of the model homes from February:

This tour started after Rob Dawg’s comment, “Housing is driving demographics, not the other way round”.

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The 24-Hour Sale

For the second year in a row, at the last minute we were able to rush a seller-financed sale, and close on the busiest day for recordings.

In this case, we didn’t have a signed purchase contract until 3pm yesterday – yikes!  But we were able to compress a full escrow into less than 24 hours.

The buyer’s agent first called me on Tuesday morning, and I did my best phone presentation because you never know when it could be your lucky day.

I’m glad I did!

I first listed this property on 1/1/2013, and we have been on and off the market since.  But over the last few months, we’ve been lowering the price and expanding the terms to include seller financing.  There was never any trouble finding interested parties; but because of its unique nature, we had to find the right buyer because it’s really a one-bedroom house on 15 acres with a warehouse and horse corral.

This buyer wanted a sweetheart deal, so in exchange he took the property as-is with no inspections (we had 2 inspection reports), and had to close this year.

We had 3-4 escrows fail when buyers decided the property was too much for them. As a result, we were well-prepared with everything we needed to close promptly.  Once we had an written agreement, the buyer just had to sign at escrow and wire his down payment.  My LA-based seller had to sign the original grant deed (county insists), and it had to be back here by early today. Our escrow and title companies performed admirably as usual, and good communication clinched it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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