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Category Archive: ‘Bubbleinfo TV’

Napa Estate

This is a tour of the Robin Williams’ $30 million Napa estate.  The video is quality – a clean presentation of the stuff you want to see, and the drone work is fantastic. It’s only 1:53-min. long.

There is a 15-sec. commercial, which I try to avoid. But the rest is worth it!

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Buy Now & Be Happy 2

There has been three categories of listings lately:

1. New listings that sell at or around list price the first week on the market.

2. Those that sell months later as price reductions finally intersect a rising market. In a slowing market (like we have now) pricing loses momentum quickly as buyers get more confident.

3. Those that don’t sell.

It’s going to get more obvious to sellers as showings slow to a crawl or less – if they want to sell this year, they need to lower their price. But hey, great news – those who are willing to sell for a price at the comps – or slightly under - should find takers.

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Drone Search and Rescue

2014-08-07 15.05.05

Yesterday’s search and rescue efforts were suspended because of darkness, but a second effort was launched today.  The drone was recovered, though worse for wear, and the video of the last flight was corrupted, unfortunately:

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Del Mar Terrace $3M

via g map

Kayla and I saw this house on broker preview day in May, and filmed this for a potential buyer.  It has since closed for $3,050,000 cash last month, which shows how Del Mar Terrace is getting more love these days!

I said in the video that you’d be seeing some dazzling sunsets, but, if so, it would only be in the winter that you’d see the sun actually set:

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Kayla’s Korner

2014-07-27 11.35.32

With all the merger hubbub, let’s keep an eye on the Zillow stats.

No MLS input yet of this house - just a Zillow ad plus open house signs were used to publicize my listing in South Carlsbad today.

I inputted the Zillow data and photos on Friday at 6:30pm.

Here are their counts of the number of views on Zillow:

Fri 11:10pm – 40 views

Sat 6:45am – 63 views

Sun 7:30am – 222 views

Sun 7:00pm – 335 views

There probably aren’t many agents in that count either.

We had over 50 people attend the open house, and four mentioned that they saw it on Zillow – and there were probably more.  Zillow could be a deterrent in this case, because it shows that the house was just purchased in March for less.  But they still came.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned from open house!

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in About Kayla, Bubbleinfo TV, One-Story | 5 comments