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Early Offers

Sellers and inexperienced agents are prone to panic when a purchase offer is received during the first 1-2 days the home is on the market.  They usually think something is wrong – like the price is too low.

But this is how the game works – the motivated buyers are automatically notified when a new listing hits the MLS, and they jump right on them.

Buyers may act quickly, but it doesn’t mean they are willing to pay the price.  Their decision is complicated by fewer closed sales, and generally flat prices – plus the sellers still want test new highs.

What do you do when you get a quick offer that isn’t full price?

Here are my three thoughts when deciding what to do:

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Open House Report – October


Of the people who came to the open house today, only one was a neighbor, and none were agents.  Yeah sure Jim, but how serious were they?

There are plenty of drivebys; anyone who is willing to park, get out of their car and trudge up to another open house knowing they have been constantly disappointed by others all year (and have to endure another salesman) must have sincere motivation to buy a house at some point.  If they could only find the right house, at the right price!

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Big Box vs. Independents

Though I speculate in this video that buyer agents will get phased out, it’s not the best alternative – buyers should have representation, it is just a matter of cost/quality.

In this futuristic scenario, the listing agent will only be representing the seller, and will likely want to process your order at the seller’s price.

Buyers may prefer to get their own representation.

There will likely be real estate consultants available to assist buyers with pricing, and to help address the major deal points.

If you were buying, would you be willing to pay for good help?

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Bubbleinfo TV, Commission War, Forecasts, Jim's Take on the Market, Listing Agent Practices, The Future | 7 comments