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Posted by on Sep 11, 2018 in About Kayla, Jim's Take on the Market | 6 comments | Print Print

Kayla Live!

Kayla has been on the ground for less than a month, but she is fitting in nicely. Her boss William and fellow Corcoran agent Sam do a Facebook Live event every Tuesday, but William was gone today so Kayla pinch-hit in his place. I love her poise and professionalism – I hope she comes back to San Diego some day!


  1. Kayla is great, but this guy she’s working for is an ass

  2. Sam in this video is his own agent – William is not pictured here.

    You’re not talking about William, are you?

  3. You did a great job raising her, and grooming her for a successful career.

  4. Thanks Kwaping!

    It wasn’t that obvious day to day, but yes – it appears that she was listening! 🙂

  5. I hope for you and the Mrs. that she comes back too, but speaking from experience, often life can’t be organized to our specifications. Two of mine went “temporarily” to the Big City (NYC and Chicago) and ended up staying. They end up loving the city, their careers, or find husbands. It happens, they make their way, write their own scripts. Selling your business, cashing a big check, retiring, and buying second homes near the kids isn’t a tragedy.

    Kayla seems like an exceptional individual with great judgment you can trust.

  6. Every summer is like that. I always took the summer off and went back to Cali for July and August. I don’t miss the sweat-drenched suits.

    Helpful hints for NY living: when buying an air conditioner, always get one size up from the size you’ll think you’ll need. Better to wind up with too much, than not enough. Also, buy a quality air purifier. You need all the help you can get. And finally, wherever you are, don’t freak out if you hear a little squeaking. They’re just rats. They really don’t want to deal with you, either.


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