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Posted by on Feb 12, 2018 in Bubbleinfo TV, Jim's Take on the Market | 14 comments | Print Print

Goodbye ’66

I sold the truck.

It was about a year ago when the steering gave out, and it took me this long to get it fixed. The mechanic told me to spend some real time and money to upgrade it while it was still salvageable, or sell it to somebody who would.

So I replaced the rims and tires, added a new steering wheel, and finished it off with my Raider paint job:


  1. I own an Audi 5000 that looks like that. It is amazing the respect it is accorded when merging or changing lanes. The other drivers all intimate ” after you sir!”, sometimes by hooting, shaking their fists or extending the middle finger but without exception they all slow down and let you in even extending you extra space to complete the manoeuvre.
    Wish the new owner well to drive it!

  2. No point in keeping it if you can’t embarrass your kids by driving up in it when they are with their friends.

  3. To quote Obi-wan Kenobi:

    It was as if millions (ok….maybe thousands) of readers cried out in terror……and were suddenly silenced.

  4. Unlike the aqua-capable minivan that is not missed, “The Truck” will be.

  5. Unlike the aqua-capable minivan that is not missed, “The Truck” will be.

    I’m going to do better.

  6. How much? They really don’t make them like that anymore. You could actually fix stuff, but now vehicles have covers over everything screaming “do not touch”.

  7. Here is the one I want and need.

    Those Dodge Power Wagons were hot when I was young, but then I drank the Chevy kool-aid and bought a 71 Camaro for $1,750. I delivered thousands of pizzas in that rig!

  8. You wanted the fast chick magnet and it obviously worked for you. Was the engine a 350 or did you go whole hog and get a 396?

  9. How much?

    The only guy to call on my ad that ran for nearly two weeks gave me my price of $4,500. One of us got a deal, but I’m not sure which. Maybe both.

    Was the engine a 350 or did you go whole hog and get a 396?

    It was a 350 and ran great, but the rest was original and needed a good update. The clincher was when I pulled out the old photo with Donna and the kids, and noticed how much rust had accumulated in the 15 years. Something had to be done – either full reno or sell to someone who would.

  10. I was refering to the Camaro from your youth. The bigger the engine=more magnetization!

  11. I was refering to the Camaro from your youth.

    LOL – I advertised the truck as a chick magnet!

    The Camaro was bought off the street corner and had the stock 307 with 3-speed. I installed a hyped-up 350 and 4-speed, traded my stock rims and tires for Cragars and big meats, and terrorized North Phoenix for years.

  12. I want those rims for my ’67 Manx. $4.5K was cheap if the running gear was OK. Wish I saw the ad.

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