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Driverless Cars and Housing

The suburbs and beyond could get a boost from driverless cars:

What do driverless cars have to do with housing? Among the possible connections, they could have an impact on the location where people choose to buy their homes.  When those open to the idea of buying a driverless car were further asked if having one might encourage them to move further away from work, a significant share – 63% – said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe.’

As with previous trends, younger people would be more likely to move further away from work if driverless cars become a safe and reliable commuting option: more than 60% of Millennial and GenXers might be encouraged, compared to only 18% of Seniors.

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  1. I can see the viabilty of driverless cars in master planned communities. San Elijo hills comes to mind. The cost of using autonomous vehicles could be rolled into your HOAs.

  2. Tesla’s “auto dive” is already in effect, and is about as good as it’s gonna get. Sitting in the back seat while your car drives you to the office ain’t happening in our lifetime for at least a few reasons. A few well documented firey crashes will cure most rational folks of the people-mover delusion. “Driverless” cars are not secure, and ain’t never gonna be. Government controlled cars, which is the destiny of true driverless cars, is madness. That’s why California is trying to pioneer the idea.
    We are nuts, and loving it.

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