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  1. Where’s that Italian guy who canoed around in buckskins and used to glare at you and cry when you threw McDonald’s bags at him? Terrestrial conservatives need to bring back his show.

    I’d like to see him walk up to a guy with a Sierra Club tee shirt planting an avocado seedling, and plant a moccasin upside his pants. Then the noble Italian would look up into the sky, and see a “thumbs up” cloud emoji. It might make people think, for a half second, and then go on to build their sustainable living farm condo affordable working high quality yes we can and bring the kids project. But at least they won’t be so smug about it, maybe.


  2. 20du/ac as the new sustainability. A du (dwelling unit) needs 2 vehicle spaces plus shared driveway. 180 sf each Is an aggressive goal. 180x2x20 is 1/5th acre for the cars pushing the people even closer.


  3. Nice to discover some people think like me.



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