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  1. We have 325 million people gracing this great country. No more than 6000 Klan members usually hiding on the right. I don’t know how many net-bolsheviks (Antifa) are on the left, but they’ve been showing up a lot. The other day, a few of them showed up and had a little planned skirmish while hiding behind decent folks on the left and right. Some delusional schizophrenic kid, according to his teachers, apparently was off his meds, got excited, and did what schitzo’s sometimes do: something crazy. The cost of freedom in this country is we don’t allow police to just lock up a schizo unless he proves a menace to himself.

    Them’s the facts so far.

    A lot of political tomfrickery by a small fraction in a tiny town that was allowed to get out of hand.

    Despite the tragedy, enabled brats on all sides, people with things to do, and places to go, are all good, and giving it the consideration that’s due…

  2. Regardless of how you feel about daytrip or what he just said, WATCH THE VIDEO HE INCLUDED.

  3. Is it possible to get along with people who worship Adolf Hitler?

  4. Is it possible to get along with people who worship Adolf Hitler?

    We would have to have a commitment to tolerance by all to have a chance. The media doesn’t help – they are selling conflict, not tolerance.

  5. She’s got my vote for Supreme Ruler of the Universe!

  6. “Is it possible to get along with people who worship Adolf Hitler?”

    Seems to me that is a perhaps unintentionally racially loaded question, since between Stalin and Mao Zedong, a hundred million people, at least, were wiped off the face of the earth before and prior to WII, and they weren’t mentioned, nor their political bent, or whether communist or even socialist marches should be shut down by a mob, in the query. Since the source of the greatest purge in the history of humanity was omitted from the question, it might unintentionally imply that a lot of people of color… don’t matter. I believe they do. All humans matter.

    Historically, I would also point out that a few weeks after war was declared on behalf of the principal of Poland’s right to exist, Stalin invaded Poland, and committed the organized execution of thousands of Polish intellectuals, teachers, doctors, politicians. This was after Stalin murdered virtually all of his generals, and top brass in his own military, and starving the Ukrainians to the point that they were killing and eating their kids. He also rejected the international laws of the Geneva convention, since the Geneva convention was squarely against lining up people based on their ethnicity, shooting them in the head in droves, and dumping them into a ditch. One of Stalin’s favorite things to do at the time. Google: The Katyn Massacre, Stalin’s Purges, and Russian Cannibalism. Not pleasant reading. I’ll leave alone the German ethnic cleansing by Stalin after WWII, but it also wasn’t pleasant. And by the way, Stalin got to his area of Poland, despite it’s autonomy being the premise of WWII.

    Rather than declare war on him, we became allies with this man. Ask Poles, Ukrainians, or Lithuanians, among other countries, if they’re okay with Communist Pride marches going unmolested in the United States. After all, they have a right to speak, don’t they? Ask Finland if they think it’s a good idea.

    Currently, mayhem ensues in socialist Venezuela. Lately, some of it’s citizens have resorted on eating their Zoo exhibits to satisfy their calorie count. Their citizens rate very high on the human suffering index these days. Should we try to get along with Bernie Saunders? Google: Cognitive Dissonance, and Confirmation Bias.

    Back to your question, in my opinion, yes, all of the above perhaps misguided people should be allowed to speak, free of mob justice, as freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Constitution. It’s not intended for their benefit primarily, but for your benefit, since it ironically keeps you from turning into a version of them.

    Because they’re intrinsically weak, they have to try to exploit our strength to be heard, since in many other countries, they’d very likely wind up in a forgotten ditch feeding the foliage, like their party’s former victims. It seems perverse, but remember our Constitution was crafted by brilliant people of merit, not somebody’s inbred cousin. It works the way it does because it was intended to. I tend to side with what is arguably the greatest, most insightful and creative written piece of work since the bible, and take my chances.

  7. That was quite eloquent, thank you.

  8. Daytrip, can I buy you a beer?

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