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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Bubbleinfo TV, Foreclosures, Foreclosures/REOs, Jim's Take on the Market, Sellers Waiting For Comeback | 4 comments | Print Print

Foreclosure Throwback


Homes that were foreclosed back in the day have been re-selling – and someone you know just happens to have an extensive video library!

The original purchase price for this McMansion in Chula Vista was $1,301,500 in 2007, but got foreclosed 20 months later.  The bank listed it for $585,900, and it closed for $630,000 in March, 2009.

This is how it looked then:

It resold again for $965,000 a year ago, and then it closed for $1,275,000 this month.  Here is how it looked:


  1. The flippers are back, and lovin’ it!

  2. I won’t lie, that video makes me pine for the good old days of the classic 100% cynical JtR!!

  3. Ahhh… Back in the days when Banks actually foreclosed on deadbeats. Now you’d never see an entire neighborhood like that because even if the homeowners weren’t paying their mortgage they’d still be allowed to live in and maintain the property.

    The only way to get deals like that today is to work with unethical brokers/realtors and steal short sales from the bank.

  4. One of my favorite videos. “Buddha me, baby!” LOL

    The place sure cleaned up nice though!

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