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  1. Interesting. Every industry is facing this problem – the steady destruction of the middle man. My industry is as well. Information, oceans of it, is now at almost everyone’s fingertips. With the internet, there are NO SECRETS and everyone is a KNOWITALL. What happened years ago to the small town shops when a mega-Walmart came in town, is happening now in every field. Thank you internet. And at a frightening pace. Before we all know it, we’ll all be closing down our ‘buggy-whip’ shops. This is the flattening of the markets; where more people everyday are going directly to the big box boys, or, even, to the producers.

    Now, just because there is an ocean of information (data) available with a click of a button, that doesn’t equate to knowledge. If the service or product is complex enough, it requires a guide or a helper.

    The market, all markets, have changed. And the change has come at lightening speed, unlike anything in history. We have to adapt the best we can. It might mean an adjustment in fees and commissions. It will certainly mean a change of the way we conduct business.

    The old days are gone. The old ways are not working.

    Today, as far as I’m concerned, 2 things will keep you going where you want with your business. It’s not traditional marketing that will take you very far. It’s TRUST & CONNECTION.


  2. If all agents were like Jim, this would be much less of a problem. Might not even be a problem.

    But they aren’t. Not even close.

    My wife and I have bought and sold 6 homes in our long marriage and moves around the country for our careers. Our 1st agent was the best. He was like an early version of Jim. Gave great advice that we tried to use later.

    Our 2nd home purchase experience wasn’t too bad, but after that, it was ALL down hill.

    People are going to Zillow or whatever is out here to try and AVOID contact with the many gangster realtor/agencies that seem to operate with little or no supervision or fear of repercussions from “authorities”.

    A few homes back, my wife and I found a great real estate attorney who we came to trust. She spits fire and knows the industry in and out. We haven’t made a move without her. Even with her help, we’ve had to battle some crazy/criminal dealings.

    Zillow, Trulia and all of that are great. But once you find that house, without good help (which is really hard to find), you have to bring your A game to keep from getting taken to the cleaners.

    P.S. 4 of our moves took place in the last 20 years. The nightmare years.

    People just want to buy a house. They don’t want to feel like they’re in a Godfather movie and are about to uncover a horse’s head in their bed.

    I don’t know Jim. I’ve never met him. In fact, I don’t live in San Diego or California (hello from Atlanta!). But having bought a few homes, you really do need someone who knows the ins and outs of the business, can be a honest broker of competing interests (ethics) and a tough negotiator (they help you get the best deal).

    I think over the last 20 years those realtor skills have become ESSENTIAL. I can’t stress that enough.

    Problem is, few realtors have all of those qualities.

    From this distance, Jim is someone I’d talk to if I were in town looking for a home.

    Zillow will get you there, but Jim seems like the kind of realtor that will get you in the house. In one piece.


  3. Thanks Kelja, and thanks for commenting again!

    The music business is undergoing a similar transformation, and suffering just the same. Joe Walsh nails it starting at the 19:00-minute mark here:

    While we all may yearn for the good old days, we need to move on and adapt to modern ways, whether we like it or not. Whether they are better or not.


  4. “Zillow will get you there, but Jim seems like the kind of realtor that will get you in the house. In one piece.” -jd

    Word! ^ When I think of Jim, I think of this quote: “In a world where many just don’t care, be the person who cares more.”

    It’s not just that JtR has 25+ years as a broker, he has integrity! And in the field of real estate where it’s rarely apparent, that’s important. After reading bubbleinfo for over five years, I never doubt that Jim always put his clients’ needs first.

    Real estate is not for the faint of heart. It’s shark-infested waters out there in RE land. Jim is the guy that will get you through those “waters” (without drowning) either buying your house or selling it so you can move on with your life.

    The only time, I surmise, that Jim becomes a “shark” is when he sits down to negotiate with the other agent for his client–whether buyer or seller…


  5. Thanks jd and Susie!

    The internet is great for buying books and gadgets, and even travel/vacations. You don’t have much to lose if they go bad.

    Consumers are too accustomed to the convenience, and think buying or selling a house is the same. Just do a little internet research and start making decisions!



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