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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in About Kayla, About the author, Bubbleinfo TV, Carmel Valley | 9 comments | Print Print

KK’s First Day

Our daughter Kayla had her first day on the job today, after graduating from college two weeks ago.  She put in a 9-5 shift, with no lunch break!

We did start with breakfast, where I laid out the basics in 60 minutes, which really just boiled down to one thing:

Be a ‘relationship-based’ business.  Have people want to do business with you because they know you, they like you, and they trust that you will do the best job for them.

There will always be new realtor gimmicks to attact clients, but the one tried-and-true way is to demonstrate to people that you will take care of them.

After breakfast we visitied my great friend Dr. Boyd (who has been involved with four of my five $2,000,000+ sales!) who appreciated the passing of the torch.

We then drove through RSF (where Kayla saw at least one of the homes that hosted a CCHS party back in the day), and visited the Via de la Valle REO, then on to the Pardee tracts in Carmel Valley.

On the way she got to see my fix another flat tire too!

Here’s her first video:


  1. Jim, Great looking homes. Way to go Kayla!

  2. Wifey said that Kayla is already better at using the camera than I am, on her first day!

  3. Jim, Our wives know best.

  4. I noticed that, nice steady camera action, not the usual herky jerky. 🙂

  5. Did you notice the song lyrics in the background at 5:04, “teach, your parents well….” cute

  6. I noticed that song too and thought it was apropos. You must be so proud!

    I also have a daughter named Kayla and my last name starts with a K, and I also call her KK. 😀

  7. Well, JtR, when you are rolling the hood in the ‘ol Chevy then you may as well be Sanford and Son.

    I’m coming for ya’, Elizabeth!!!!

  8. That lady has mad panning skills!
    Interesting new take on the JtR narrative style. The original style was kind of a first-person/detective approach. This one seems like a (second person?) showroom style of narrative. So now I guess you can apply different narrative styles to fit the subject matter. More flexibility in telling your story. All I’m seeing is “WIN” around here. Still ahead of the pack in real estate communication technology.

  9. I didn’t mind herky jerky…a bedroom with a closet is not something that needs more than 5 seconds to mention.

    I would mention that you may want to wear a wireless mike; several times I could not hear your commentary. When you held the camera before the mic was right next to your face (you could whisper when other people were in the house).

    I don’t know about others but I stop videos sometimes, so for me panoramics are not necessary.

    Not sure if this is possible, but you can add notations to the video for stuff you missed (not in the video, but text overlays in YouTube – might save time in editing).

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